TIYWEP28 – Building A Celebrity Brand On Social Media

celebrity brand on social media

Building a celebrity brand on Social media can be easy if you have the right strategies. Anything is possible on Social media. Yet, most entrepreneurs struggle at achieving this. In this episode of This Is Your Wealth Podcast, I got my friend Queen Esohe Igbinoba to share her expert ideas on how you can begin now to grow your social media impact and become a celebrity.


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

1. Why you need to always share valuable content on Social media
2. Proven ideas to always connect with your ideal audience on Social media
3. The one attribute that will skyrocket your social media impact
4. How to use stories to effectively communicate your brand on social media
5. How to build your brand equity and perception vert fast.

Enjoy Additional Resources

  1. Join Queen Esohe’s The Global Brand Network


Quotes Of The Episode

[bctt tweet=”Celebrity is about influence. That means there are a group of people who like and follow what you do and want to be like you.”]

[bctt tweet=”There is a beauty in imperfect beginning. If you don’t start, how will you know what to change?”]

[bctt tweet=”Your brand What is a brand – A brand is an identity…It’s not something you are pretending to do, it is who are.”]


Question: What are you doing now to grow your brand on social media?

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