Hello and welcome to the second video of this serious.

We are going to discussing the 5-Step Oriflame Speed Success Formula System in a little more detail.

Remember, the OSSF System is a series of systematic strategies, concepts and ideas that help you to recruit like a boss and sell like Jumia.

So Here Is The 5 Elements

  1. Authority Matric

This is about positioning yourself as a help-mate and not as a sales person. Zig Ziglar said “You can get everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want. The world follows solution providers who solve problems. Once you are bring yourself to this authority position, you will struggle less to recruit and even sell products.

  2. Recruit High Performers

This means recruiting people who take responsibility for their actions. People who will duplicate your efforts and not wait around till you motivate them before they take action. Your recruitment system should attract mostly high performers. Where do you find them? How do you reach them? 

Don’t think they are scarce. They aren’t; and for the fact that a high performer like you is in this business, there are many more out there who will join with the right follow up.

      3. Train Your Mind For Success Only

Your mind is your most valuable asset in this business. You will always attract what you think and belief. Your strategies and actions won’t attract any better result it’s built on flawed thinking. “As a man thinketh, so is he”. 

       4. 10X Leadership

Your success is dependent on the quality of leadership you provide to yourself, your team and even your prospect. How you interract and help your team, how you set and achieve your personal goals, how to follow up prospects. These all have to do with leadership. At all times, you should seek to provide your best effort that 10xes your result and impact. Don’t be among those that do ordinary.

5. The Product Launch System

This is your step by step system to attract your ideal client, serve them and get them to pull their wallet to join you or buy from you. Everything is usually built around a funnel. Using a good funnel helps you to tick the box on some of the above elements especially the Authority Matrix. 

Note that this is not too much work you see and run away from. It is more like Smart Work. You just need to manage your time better and use it for the exact actions that yield results.

And you don’t have to be an online marketing expert to utilize these 5 steps. You just need to know exactly what to do and how to do it which is what i cover very well in my coaching programs. If you’ve been around the internet for a while, then you can use this formula.

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