I am available as guest or keynote speaker for live stage events in or outside Nigeria, teleclasses, webinars and other virtual learning events. 

Richard is not just a motivational speaker, but also blends his teaching with tangible life stories, actionable steps and strategies to help you implement his ideas and gain faster results

My favorite speaking topics include:

1. Living By Purpose & Design

For individuals and entrepreneurs who need specific actionable steps to build the business of their dreams.

If you are confused about your purpose or calling in life; you find yourself drifting and out of balance and want to design a life you enjoy living. Richard has developed a blueprint on this topic.

2. Launch Like A Pro

For entrepreneurs, consultants, and organisation who want to successfully launch a new product or service

Only a few business speakers in Nigeria can authoritatively give your proven steps to profitably launch your new product or service in the market, borrowing from their own experience and achievements. Join Richard as he deploys exceptional speaking skills to teach you how:

  • To find your own unique voice and niche in a crowed market
  • To build anticipation and have people queuing for your product before launch
  • To develop systems to profitably create and sell your products and services

3. Social Media Domination

Do you feel pressured to “keep up” your brand reputation on social media? Without a proven strategy for content marketing on social media, it can take all of your day. 

For over 5 years as a social media speaker, Richard has presented over 20 teachings to corporate and non-profit organisations. His experiences and strategies are drawn from his work, running and managing social media campaigns for clients through his company, Eagleforts Integrated Resources.

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4. Cash Flow Funnels

For entrepreneurs who are ready to attract loyal clients to their business

If you are a motivated talented entrepreneur who loves what you do, but wants an easier, more reliable way to generate a constant stream of new clients, then this is for you. You don’t need to be cold calling, feeling pushy, struggling with feast or famine periods, or struggling to find clients any more. Instead, you need a simple, fail-proof and reliable client enrollment funnels for your business, that will locate clients easily, effectively and even automatically.

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