During this mini career consultation, we’ll talk through the limiting career challenges you’re experiencing at the moment and I’ll share with you some actionable advice on how you can eliminate career blocks and start moving forward.

Together we’ll define your vision and set challenging goals and alternative strategies to help you get your dream career.

Whatever you need to talk about, if you hit a roadblock in your career I can help you create extraordinary results.

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“I want to invite you to think about things you may not have thought about before, think of new possibilities” …… Those were his words to me.

I didn’t know what to expect next after the above statement and the session started with mind bugging questions I have never thought of. Fear just catch me like say I dey hot seat (that moment you think you are before Frank Edoho)

Before that session, I have always thought I had my hands full with so many “I have to do” but after the session, I saw my hands empty with barely nothing. I was left with Queen’s favorite quote “clarity is bae”. Meeting Richard gave me a reason to seek for clarity because I don’t want to be like one fighting the air (uncertainty) and now I feel like “testimony time” lol.

One thing is to have a goal and another is to gain clarity on how to achieve them and Smart career consultation is a go to for it. I haven’t stopped thinking and trying to get it right to avoid wasting the little time I have while we live…….. CLARITYISBAE”

  – Chioma Madueke