It has always been my desire to intentional give back to my community the best way i know how. Everyone may not be as privileged as some of us are to have access to technology, quality education, peaceful environment or born into a loving family.

Let’s Not Complain, Let‘s Step Out

So instead of complaining about our environment or the government, we entrepreneurs should step unto the stage and contribute a reasonable quota of resources to create better opportunities and living standards for everyone.

That’s the purpose of SCN Gives Back…It’s not about talking the talk,  it’s working the talk.

Every year, we members of the Smart Career Network embark on a charity project to support our communities.

Project For This Year

We plan to donate 100 self-help and inspirational books to 5 secondary schools. The goal is – If we want to have children who’ll grow up to become responsible members of the society and role models, we should begin early to introduce them to the right kind of books.

The school system is Africa doesn’t give sufficient encouragement to entrepreneurship, character and leadership development. Look around you and you’ll see kids and teenagers with big dreams and potential but lack the motivation to make it happen.

In a few more years, these children if not given access to proper guidance could pursue the wrong dreams.

This has been happening, it affects us, and we must put a stop to it!

The total budget for these books is N60, 000 ($186).

I’d appreciate it if you could support this project with any amount you can afford.

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