Book – From Passion To High Profit Business

from passion to high profit business coverFrom Passion To High Profit Business is a book for everybody who want to build a profitable business from his or her passion, gift, talent or expertise; especially by utilizing social media and online marketing.

To be successful in the market today, you must possess two powerful assets: A unique solution and a proven plan to offer it to create impact and income for yourself.

Richard Okere Jr. shows you what successful entrepreneurs are doing differently to sell their brand, build a community of raving fans and followers, monetize their passions and build thriving careers.



The Passion-Business School

It is an online action and result-oriented online group coaching program for entrepreneurs who are tired of average results and want hands-on coaching to build a high impact high profit business around their passion, idea or expertise in 4 months.



The Passion To High Profit Business Masterclass

Passion To High Profit Masterclass headerThe Passion To High Profit Business Masterclass is a premium One-Day (6-hours) training for entrepreneurs who want to commercialize their expertise or knowledge and build a high profit high impact business.