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Hello and welcome to this introductory post i have created for those who are just getting to join the Oriflame Speed Success Formula Community. It tells you what’s it’s is about and how it can help you.

A Little About Me

My name is Richard Okere Jr. First son in a family of six children, from Imo state. I have been into Online Business Coaching and Marketing for over 6 years now. During this time, i have been able to help various companies and individuals in Nigeria and abroad grow their businesses online via coaching, consulting and training. It wasn’t all that rosy for me as i struggled in the beginning trying out various online marketing schemes and failed with many. 

However, i believe if you stay long enough in a tunnel, you’re most likely going to find light at the end. And i did, when i wrote and sold over 20 copies of an eBook on export business in 2009. That was my big break. Since then, i have grown and coached over 1000 individuals online and offline.

How I Came About Oriflame Speed Success Formula

In 2016, i was contacted by a Diamond Level Director in Oriflame for coaching. I began to work with her and one of the things we did was to set up a marketing funnel to recruit downlines. We used Facebook Ads.

Within 5 days of launching the funnel, we had 18 people who showed interest to join the business. I also replicated the same model with slight adjustment for a Director, and it pooled in 11 leads in 4 days.





Aside those two, i got more Oriflame marketers who showed interest in having me coach them. This led to coaching programs that has so far involved over 25 Oriflame Marketers many of whom are doing much better now.

See Online and offline Training pictures










By this interaction and working with Oriflame marketers, i developed the Oriflame Speed Success Formula.

The Formula is a series of systematic strategies, concepts and ideas that help you recruit like a boss and sell like Jumia, especially utilising the internet.

The system helps you to run your business with a sense of understanding as to what you are doing: the activities to perform and the effects of those activities. The strategies to deploy on online (especially on Social Media) to grow faster.

What The Speed Success Formula Is Not!

  1. It is not a get-rich-quick strategy. It is a get-rich-smart strategy
  2. It is for lazy and unserious consultants. You will need to work (smart).

In The Next Video 

In am going to expose the 5-Core Elements of The Oriflame Speed Success Formula. Exactly how it is laid out and how it can help you. 

I am so thrilled you are watching this…Remain Smart!

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