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This Is For Just 25 People That Need A Proven Step-by-Step Plan & A Coach To Whip Them To Implement It FASTER IN 30 DAYS…Register Now

10th September 2016  | 10am – 4pm | N20, 000

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Would you allow me to help you with a Proven plan to turn your passion or expertise to a business that makes you happy and generates enough income for you to live your dream life?

If your answer is YES, then here is your opportunity.

I know it can be overwhelming to build your own profitable business and live your dream life which is why you may still be struggling to package up your expertise into fabulous products, workshops, programs, classes, and ecourses that you can sell over and over again (and stop working so hard).

The best business you can run and enjoy is a business around your area of passion. I call this a Passion-business.

Imagine How Fast Your Business Would Grow if You…

    • Work your way into the top 10 go-to experts in your field of expertise or market.
    • Create programs, products and services and use many of my content packages to deliver training to your clients.
    • Had me to help you develop a 90-day action plan and practically ‘whip’ you with calls, advice and SMS to implement it.
    • Package up your expertise + knowledge into ecourses & premium workshops that you sell over and over again
    • Grow your own online and offline community of over 10,000 subscribers who know, like and trust you.
    • Received the proven strategies to generate new clients who happily pay you for your products, services and programs.

The Passion To High Profit Business Masterclass is a premium One-Day (6-hours) training for entrepreneurs who want to commercialize their expertise or knowledge and become highly paid for doing what they love.

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Here are some of the HOT secrets that I am going
to show the 25 people who are smart enough
to attend this Masterclass:

  • How to run ads that will generate over 5,000 subscribers for you and Starting with as low as $50.
  • The 7 tools you need to INSTANTLY sell your brand and warm yourself to the heart of your prospective clients and community.
  • My swipe file of over 50 awesome online marketing tools that i use to create content, courses, schedule and host meetings etc.
  • How to turn your Facebook friends into HOT subscribers and buyers? You will find out the SINGLE facebook element that allows you to do this.
  • What is the absolute best kind of product to create & sell and how do you create them? I will let you know what to offer, how to price them and also sell it.
  • My unique personal effectiveness hack which i use to get more things done each day and not have to procrastinate my actions.

Module 1: Defining Your Passion, Brand & Solution

Let’s start your passion-business off right by tackling the number one issue most entrepreneurs face: What I’m I Really Passionate About? And it’s not just making this discovery, but improving your knowledge and COMMUNICATING A COMPELLING PERSONAL BRAND to always be a sought-after personality. This also requires you to have a unique way system to move your clients from where they are to where they need to be.

Module 2: Grow A Community Of Fans & Followers

Every leader needs followers and one sure way to be a true leader is to own a thriving leadership platform. In this module, we’ll delve into how you can CREATE AND GROW A MAILING LIST, BLOG AND FACEBOOK GROUP as a leadership platform.

Even if you own a blog but not getting the kind of results, you’ll find this module filled with ideas and strategies to revolutionize your blog, Facebook group etc.

Module 3: Attracting High Value Clients

Being able to attract the right kind of clients is the new gold. You might have a large community but still make little or no money. This is down to knowing how to convince them to buy from you.

In this module, you’ll create your customer avatar, know how to gain their trust and eventually get them to buy from you.

Module 4: Convert Your Knowledge Into Irresistible Products, Services Or Program

This is where you actually deliver the solution with the instrument of your product, services or programs.

Most entrepreneurs get confused on what the PRODUCT TO CREATE, THE VOLUME OF CONTENT AND PACKAGES TO INCLUDE AND HOW TO PRICE THEM. All these depends on you. The fact is to ensure you don’t charge too cheap and make your product appear cheap.

Module 5: Accelerate Your Growth Through High Value Partnerships, Accountability & Goal Setting

Growing your passion-business is not a solo effort. It’s not even about competing, but securing collaborations and partnership that helps you pool resources with other experts to create more impact and income.

These PARTNERSHIPS EMPOWER YOU TO SET AND ACHIEVE STRATEGIC GOALS that ultimately accelerates your business.

That is NOT All, You Will Also Have Access To The
Following BONUS PACKAGE For Attending
(These are extraordinary packages that will help you attract results faster than normal)


 Enrollment Into PHPB Support Group Chat

I know that after the masterclass, you are going to have questions and support. As a result, I have created an online forum that will only be open to the 25 people who attended the masterclass and I.

On this forum, you will be receiving additional training to ensure that you succeed with what I will be teaching you at the masterclass.


 90 Days Action Plan Worksheet

When you attend the workshop, i’ll help you develop your own ACTION PLAN WORKSHEET. A lot of entrepreneurs struggle because they lack a plan and consistent action. We’ll be creating yours at the workshop.


 My Special Materials, Sheets, Files

You’ll have access to my personal swipe files, promotion emails, business proposal samples, Facebook ad copies etc. You have my permission to edit, customize and use them for your business.

So How Much Is The Masterclass And How Do You Register?

The Masterclass fee is N20, 000

You can book one of the 25 seats by paying online

pay online

Offline Payment Options

Pay N20, 000 into any of the accounts

Guarantee Trust Bank, account name – Richard Okere, Account number – 0156488672
Access Bank PLC – account name – Richard Okere, Account number – 0005562422

After your payment – send your full name, phone number, email address and deposit slip number to  eagleforts@gmail.comusing the subject ‘PHPB Masterclass’ or by SMS to 08137038594.

Register right now before the 25 seats are filled up.

See you at the Masterclass.