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Hello dear, 

I want to show you in this video the practical case study on how i helped a Diamond Director level consultant to get 18 leads in 5 days. 

This was achieved by deploying two elements in the Oriflame Speed Success Formula – Attracting High Performers and Product Launch Funnel. 

This is a screenshot of the result here

SO here is the Four Step Case Study You Need To Apply

  1. Create An irresistible free offer or solution

Ask yourself – What the one valuable thing i can offer my market that they are in need of? Look at all you’re about and pick out something they will need. It can be a free eBook, free event, free video. If you’re trying to sell a product, it can a helpful article or video.

     2. Create An Optin (Landing) page 

Before they can access your offer, they have to sign up with their contact details for it. You need to be building a contact base of people you have to be following up. You need to put them into a system for you to easily follow them up, and an optin page helps you with that.

A landing page is a page where people go and have to take action based on an offer. An Optin page is a page you use to collect your site visitor’s contact information before they can access something.

If it’s an offline event, you can use a printed form for this. 

Services you can use to create a form is Google Form. Mailchimp also has a landing page building feature.

     3. Promote The Offer 

This is how you send a lot of traffic (visitors) to the opt-in page to access your free offer. There are various ways to do these, but my preferred method for quick result in Facebook Ads. We created an advert that captured our ideal prospect.

Free video on How To Run Facebook Ads ==> 

    4. Converse To Convert 

This is where you actually do your follow up on those that sign up for your offer. In general, everything you are doing should lead to them getting in contact with you personally to learn more.

To make this effective, you should learn how to do Discovery Calls or Consultations. This is a conversation where you warm people into signing up for your high end offer (buy a product or join your team).

You can learn the beautiful art of Discovery Calls by getting Deji Sobanjo’s bookDiscovery Call Magic

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