Hi I’m Richard Okere Jr and I want to specially welcome you to my blog. I am an online business coach and creator of The ProLaunch System – a system i developed to help entrepreneur create better funnels and successfully launch products online. I have been blogging here since August 17th 2015.


Recently, I have been published on:
1. Connect Nigeria: “4 Essential Laws of Team Building Every Leader Should Know
1a. “Three Ways To Earn Unlimited Cash With Your Website And Turn Around Your Business For Massive Growth
2. Nigeria Newspoint  Newspaper: “Internet Driven Business: Analogue And Digital Pastors”. July 8th 2015, Page 4. Konnect Africa: “How I Help Individuals & Coaches Create More Impact and Income Online


I am passionate about anything related to personal leadership and development, social media, lifestyle and online business. I put together my experience in this areas into helping entrepreneurs build product launch funnels that convert.

So I write on topics related to my passions above. A few times I delve into other fields when I know there’s a message to pass on to my friends.
I also host a weekly podcast called ‘Me & My Passion Podcast’. We discuss the same topics as those on the blog; however this time I occasionally invite experts to share their thoughts.

My goal is to create and deliver enough content to keep you inspired and equipped to achieve your dreams. If you consider yourself someone who wants to live the extraordinary life, then join me and let’s do it together.

For now, i release a new podcast every Tuesday and a new blog post every Friday.

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Over the years, I have produced the following materials
1. Affirmations For Great Minds – A 3 minutes audio of positive affirmations you can listen to every morning and stay motivated throughout the day. Download here
2. The Business Of Your Passion – An audio training on 18 ways you can monetize your passion by creating and delivering high value products and services.
3. WordPress Mastery Guide – This a practical step-by-step manual for beginners in Website designing using WordPress.
4. Launch It Online Like A Pro (eBook) – A free 15 pages eBook on how you can successfully launch your business or organisation online in just 5 steps. Subscribe to my newsletter to get it instantly.


I am the first son in a family of six – three senior sisters, my twin sister and the last born Wisdom.

I’ve been working online for 6 years now – initially just creating and selling information products on export business, information product marketing, mini importation etc.

I have run various blogs – www.monetizenigeria.com, monetizenigeria.blogspot.com, and most recently www.skill2wealth.com.

I’ve Worked as an administrator for a trade website (www.smartbizlead.com) for about two years and a website design trainer with Business Ideas Incubation Services.

In 2013, I registered my first company EAGLEFORTS INTEGRATED RESOURCES. This is the mother company of all my human capacity development and ICT projects.

In the past 4 years, I have trained Over 100 people on personal and career development, online marketing.

Built Internet Driven businesses for a few companies, sold over 100 copies of information products and Written over 100 published articles on business, leadership, internet marketing etc.


[bctt tweet=”No job can make you as happy and wealthy as your passion can”]

[bctt tweet=”We don’t have unemployed youths, we have unemployed passions and talents. “]

[bctt tweet=”Your career is a movement you are passionate about which gives you your biggest pay check.”]

[bctt tweet=”Never hate yourself for being on a journey to purpose. Your journey only ends the day you decide to end it! “]

What Others Say About Richard Okere Jr!

Chinenye UgoI just met with a wonderful person today, a life coach indeed, coming in contact with this fellow exposes you to positive view about life, A very big thanks to RICHARD OKERE JR for this wonderful learning section on steps to achieve your dreams in life

Chinenye Ugo  Actress & Student 

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