Richard Okere is the Founder of Territorial Domination For Entrepreneurs. A Community of entrepreneurs who don't just want to build a profitable business, but dominate their field as celebrity brands.

He is also a sought after product launch and marketing specialist

About Richard Okere Jr:


 Hi, I’m Richard Okere Jr.

Thanks for checking me out.

I’m not going to write the fancy professional stuff because I want to speak to you directly as a friend.

I am a twin.

Die hard fan of Football Club Barcelona.

I live in Abuja, Nigeria

I am tall, single and super handsome

And want to help 1000 entrepreneurs in Africa launch their ideas by the year 2030.


Okay...let me start getting a little serious. 

I’m sure you might be wandering... Is that what I came here for?

Is This Guy Worth My Attention?

For many readers,  the answer is No

Here's why:



 I’m Not A Get Rich Quick Magician

 A lot of times people come to me with the mindset that once they just sign up for my coaching program or consulting services, they’ll quickly become "billionaires" by a click of buttons.

I had that same idea too as at 2009 when I started. I'd like that to be possible, but then again.... It's not in this real world.

10 years down the line, I have realized that with great success comes greater effort. People equate online or social media marketing to ‘quick riches’, and it’s not so.

I do have consistent revenue every week and worked with many clients to achieve great results, but it took a lot of work, mistakes and frustration to get here.

And it still takes work to sustain it.

So if you’re not committing to working at least ten times more than you expect, I’m not your guy.

I don’t sell “short cuts” or “The Easy Way”.  

I don’t know any billionaires who got where they are by working less.


If you aren't ready to spend on advertising, we can't work together

 Someone once said to me “I want visibility for my service, and I don’t want to spend so much”. That’s like saying I want to pass my exams, but I don’t want to read much.  

Some clients want to pay little money and have miracles.  

Have you wondered why companies like Cocacola and MTN still spend heavily on advertising?

Because they want to keep reaching millions of people faster and stay relevant.

There are a lot of ways to get free traffic for your business and that’s fine if you choose to go that route. I am really not open to that. They are slow and unnecessary effort.

If you can fly, why choose to crawl?

Building a hugely successful business is HARD WORK focused on systems.

That’s a huge part of what we’ll be doing and once we create it, the results will make you want to spend more on advertising.


 I’m your coach/consultant, and you should be ready to learn and follow my lead

I know you're smart and brilliant.

You wouldn't have read to this point if you weren't.

I also already know you have a lot of knowledge in your craft.

But if we'll work together, i expect you to follow my lead.

With my system, we'll be digging deep to create strategies and systems that will help you dominate and make more money as a corporate and personal brand

Some people feel they know it all and want to prove it to you.

I then wander why they need me in the first place. If we work together, I’ll expect you to follow my lead.

I’ll give you a lot of direction and work. I’ll expect you to get them done.

 So you’re still here? Awesome

Here Is What You Can Expect From Me:

  •  Actionable principles and strategies to not just build 10x more income, impact and influence, but to literally dominate your market as a corporate or personal brand...All for free!
  • Outright sales pitches

Imagine that!

I just told you i'm going to try and sale a lot stuff to you.

But really!? Didn't you expect that i would?

Since i am a "marketing Guru", that's a given.

That's how i and in fact every other business owner like you make money.

The only difference is, i'm going to REALLY HELP YOU first with really working strategies and tactics you can successfully implement!

All free!

The idea is, you'll say "Wow! If his free stuff is this good, i just should pay for more!"

Then i'll unleash what i refer to as "The Arts & Science Of Territorial Domination For Entrepreneurs" fully on your business.

If you don't like the free stuff, you shouldn't buy my stuff.

But again, you're wandering...

How Do I Know You're That Good?

I guess the logical thing to do is to sign up for my free materials.

Here is my weekly YouTube Channel

And here is a free book called Cashflow Gameplan. It'll help you with a system to quickly start generating and sustaining revenue in your business.

But i guess i'm supposed to give my "big biography" now, so here it goes!

I started playing with online marketing in 2009.

I tried my hands on many of the hyped up get-rich-quick schemes and lost a lot of money.

Then i tried the real businesses like blogging, affiliate marketing, Google Adsense etc. I didn't make any money, but i acquired a lot of skills

My "big break" came in 2012 when i started information marketing and wrote a book titled "Export Business For Beginners"

I created a sales page, put my payment details, selling for N2500 ($7) and started posting adverts on every forum i found.

First sale came in, the second followed, the 3rd...10th and so on.

I earned about N40,000 ($111) selling it.

Not so much money right?

But it was enough to prove to me that i could build a business online.

Fastforward to 2014, after further trials and errors and the frustrations that came with it, i was on Facebook...Facebooking!

Then i stumbled on an advert from some man i'd never heard of.

I knew almost all the big internet marketers in Nigeria then...

But here was this guy promoting a one day business strategy event with him at N10,000 ($28)

Hmm... I read through the sales letter and liked it. 

I googled him, found his website and was impressed.

Then i signed up!

My primary reason was...

I had learned so much about online marketing & business strategy, but i wasn't making the progress i desired. I wanted to be playing a much bigger game as an influencer.


So i travelled 6 hours on road from Owerri to Lagos to seat with a man i never knew for another 6 hours to receive a business strategy session that totally altered my course and changed my life.

That man is Victor Ekpo Bassy and today is among the top 5 personal brand coaches in Nigeria

...And has played advisory roles for 3 African presidents.

Just After my 6 hour session with Victor Ekpo Bassey

I've gone on to build a 6-figure a month business and and helped over 3000 other individuals and small businesses and counting


Here is what i'll help you with specifically

My focus is to help you become a highly influential, highly paid and highly impactful entrepreneur or corporate brand by teaching you The Arts & Science of Territorial Domination.

Secondly, i'll show you how to do successful product launches (coaching programs, event, online course, book etc.) using my signature ProLaunch System.

It is in my opinion, the Holy Grail of product launches.

When all is said and done, if you're not selling more of your products, you aren't in business.

That's where i come in.

Here comes my first sales pitch to you..

Go to my YouTube Channel and check out some of my videos. 

If you like it, join out Territorial Domination For Entrepreneurs Community and get our free training on Fast Customer Acquisition

If they helps you, consider buying my stuff when i make you an offer.

Such a grandiose sales pitch right?

See you on the inside friend


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