If you desire to recruit and sell faster or you’ve been in Oriflame Business for quite a long time and have not moved up in levels as you expected,

This Book Is Custom Designed For You.

For me, there are basically 5 things to do to quickly achieve the results above and start living your Oriflame Dreams

First you’ve got to learn how to recruit. And not just recruit any kind of person that has money to pay, but to know where to find high performers and how to attract them.

Second is what I call the authority quatient. Which simply means that if you’re going to attract people, you must present yourself as a trusted authority and not just some network marketer hawking products.

Thirdly, you should train your mind to win. Taking action with flawed thoughts will only amount to nothing better.

Four, is your quality of leadership. How you lead yourself and your prospects and your team.

Five is, Product launch funnels. This is like the secret magic to sell faster and recruit like a bus….without sounding salesy

In my Oriflame Speed Success Formula book, I teach in more detail each of these elements to attract better recruits, sell more products and get better Ori-alert.

I went the extra mile of using case studies and examples so you really get the meat of each element.

I used step 5 in this book to run a campaign for a Diamond Director that turned in 18 HOT prospects in 7 days. 🤩

I tested the campaign with a director and she had 11 prospects in 5 days. 😍

Here is what Erica Gogo Akarator said about the book

“The Oriflame speed success formula book has helped a lot. Just to mention a few it has shaped my thinking in the aspect of attraction marketing, that’s the part I failed woefully until I got the book. I had to do a clean up job on my facebook post. I really wanted to create curiosity and that I’ve done. Now people ask me what I’m really into, some say it’s makeup, skincare or beauty experts. I just let them get curious and I’m loving the feeling. Thanks Richard for the book, it’s a must have.” 

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