TIYWEP40 – Jane Oma On Women Entrepreneurship & Growing Your Business

Jane Oma on Women Entrepreneurship in Africa

I am always captivated when I encounter people who do extraordinary things. That’s is what our guest on today’s podcast Jane Oma is doing with her women entrepreneurship movement called Upside Africa and her blog. She shares her story on this episode and a few ideas to help us entrepreneurs grow our businesses.


Key Lessons From This Episode:

  1. Build your business around your passion. Nothing else can give you joy and pay you as much as your passion can.
  2. Trying to encourage more women entrepreneurship in Africa is not about competing with the men. It’s about empowering women to contribute more and be better helpmates.
  3. Rejections and failures are not bad. They are experiences to help you get better and seek more opportunities to be of value to people. You have to keep pushing.
  4. Find a need and meet it. If you must build a sustainable business you must be a solution provider. Make a difference
  5. If you want to do well, look for people who are doing well. Get yourself a coach or mentor and humble yourself to learn and take action.
  6. Network with like minds. Attend events. There are a lot of opportunities to collaborate with people.


Enjoy Additional Resources

Jane Oma’s Blog

Upside Africa Website


Quotes Of The Episode:

[bctt tweet=”Failures are not bad, what it bad in itself is failing to try” username=”iamrichardokere”]

[bctt tweet=”Don’t let your focus be of your wallet; be of service” username=”iamrichardokere”]

[bctt tweet=”No simply means Next Opportunity” username=”iamrichardokere”]

[bctt tweet=”The African economy directly or indirectly is sustained by the African women” username=”iamrichardokere”]


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