Two Primary Business Elements You Must Nail Before Any Other Thing

business elements

There are various business elements that we coaches are told to integrate into our businesses in order to guarantee success.

Social media, set up a blog, accounting, create information products first and so many other things.

If you’re still struggling to grow your business, it’s probably because you’ve just been trying to do every other thing and neglecting these two elements.

First Element: Your Business Model

This might sound like a cliché but it will surprise you that a lot of coaches have not nailed this yet.

Your business model is simply how you attract and sale to clients. Put in another, it is how you move leads from the first stage of client attraction formula to the last stage.

Every successful business has been built on a well thought out business model and the best thing you should do is to design yours.

Who are your ideal clients?

Where will you find them?

How do you attract, engage and sell to them?

What will you sell to them?

How will you deliver and ask for referrals?

These are just the basic questions.

It took me a lot of time to learn this. I was busy doing whatever I saw another coach doing.

Being able to develop and optimize your business model requires that you take time to think through what business success means to you and the best way to achieve that level of success.

You don’t have to start or maintain a Facebook group, or create an online course, or run Facebook Ads just because everybody is doing it.

Try out as many things; assess their profitability and quickly drop what’s not working for what is.

Here is an An example of a business model

Assuming I am a Teacher’s Trainer speciliazing in effective teaching skills and methods, my business model would look something like this.

Who are my ideal clients?

Secondary School teachers/schools

Where will I find them?

In their schools by writing/talking to the manager or principal. I’ll also do same to teachers’ associations.

How do you attract, engage and sell to them?

Offering free talks to their schools and sell to them on stage using testimonials

What will you sell to them?

Advanced 2 months Training (e.g. A course called TeachMillionaire)

How will you deliver and ask for referrals?

The training runs on weekends and after the course, I’d ask the principal to write me an endorsement letter recommending my training to 5 other schools.

Ensure to consistently deploy this business model for at least 3 months and assess results to either change or continue with it.

Second Element: Your Solution Roadmap

This is how you deliver results; how you do what you do.

Successful athletes have been known to be consistent with their diet and training style. They rarely alter it otherwise it could lead to underperformance.

Your Signature Solution Roadmap is your unique way of helping your clients get results and one sure way to transform your business is to sit down and articulate it.

Write down the steps, exact techniques and strategies you use in the order you use them. This helps you to hardly get confused or anxious before a client.

Now use this same process to deliver results to your clients. People will know you for your style and methods and that’s a good thing.