Top 9 Nigerian Facebook Groups That Will Transform Your Business

nigerian facebook group

There they go again! How in the world can a Facebook Group transform your business in 10 minutes?

Well apart from the fact that i wanted a catchy title for this post, it’s not just another stunt. There are actually Nigerian Facebook groups that will transform your business with the quality of content shared and members they have.

What if i told you there is a Facebook Group for entrepreneurs where you can actually exchange direct jokes and ideas with Nigeria’s renowned business strategist Steve Harris?

This is not congruent (see grammar) with what you’ve always known about groups on Facebook, right? A lot of people go there to just dump their business adverts, or post pornographic pictures or jokes or just exchange arguments with hate words, right?

That’s true. That’s what you find in almost all the over 1 billion Facebook Groups. But you don’t have to belong there. Personally I hardly see those kinds of groups, and you too can almost wipe them off your Facebook news feed and replace them with these high value groups I’m going to share with you.

Facebook has been programmed to display more of the things you react to (Like or comment) on your news feed. So if you can spend more of your time on these communities, you’ll mostly be seeing content from those them.

I am going to rank all of them according to how much value I place on them and how active I’ve been. It’s my blog after all. Please note that information used in this post are all as at the time of the writing.

  1. Territorial Domination For Entrepreneurs

Okay so i put my group first. Well considering my criteria, i’m right. I launched it in December 2018 for entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating unrivaled impact, influence and profits by delivering their passion as solutions. The idea is that you shouldn’t just run a business, but you should be a celebrity brand and dominating in your field or location.

Each day i share distinctions and ideas to educate members on what they need to do and not do in order to grow their passion business. And it’s not just me, but a few member share theirs. Once you join the group, you get a free short course on Fast Client Acquisition

      2. The Highly Paid Experts Network (HPEN):

This group is owned by one of my coaches Victor Ekpo Bassey and is over 4 years old. It’s basically a community of entrepreneurs who want to become highly paid high profile people in their fields. The quality of members, engagement, contribution and fun is just out of this world.

The members have become so ‘addicted’ with the group that even if Victor posts “I don’t have anything meaningful to post today, so I will spend my whole day sleeping”, they will still learn something from it and pour in their comments. This is one of the only two groups I’ve seen Steve Harris contribute posts and comments.

          3. HeadStart Africa (Formerly SmartBCamp)

This is the second Facebook group I’ve seen Steve Harris leave a comment. In contrast to HPEN, HeadStart Africa is about 2 years old but has grown to over 100,000 members. According to the owner John Obidi, the group “has been created to connect mentors to mentees; thought leaders to thought seekers…”

That is what you’ll mostly find on the group; people seeking help in one thing or another and experts dishing out advice and tips. SmartBCamp Group’s rapid growth can be attributed to the success of John Obidi’s Smart Business Teleseminar which attracts an average of 500 listeners spanning over 89 countries.

         4. Profit From Coaching

This Facebook group has more foreigners and Nigerians in the Diaspora than all the other groups on this top 7 list; probably because the owner Deji Sobanjo has lived and built his business of 15 years in the United Kingdom.

If you’re looking to build a profitable business as a coach, speaker or trainer, that’s what this group is about. It’s amazing how much free content Deji gives out on this group. And then every Thursday he does a free webinar for the members. I’ve only been in two of the classes and still using what I learned in those few minutes.

Profit From coaching is also the oldest group among the bunch at 2 years with over 3000 members.

         5. Pen & Ink Masters

This group was created by writer Emeka Nobis for writers who want to polish their art and earn a living from their writing skill. You’d naturally think the idea of writing for money is unrealistic until you join the group and witness first-hand how Emeka is successfully growing a community of engaged and enthusiastic writers.

You’d realise that gone are the days when writing was not considered a serious career option. There are dozens of business opportunities today for serious writers and that’s the crux of what Pen & Ink Masters is about. Emeka Nobis bared his thoughts on this when I interviewed him on my podcast.

          6. The Global Brand Network

Now the Facebook Group business is not just for the men alone. There is a woman who is carving her brand in a strong way with it. That’s my friend Esohe Igbinoba. She founded The Global Brand Network 8 months ago to help entrepreneurs who want to achieve global relevance and high income by utilizing brand experience strategies.

Today the group has over a thousand members and still counting. Well, Facebook groups are programmed to keep growing in membership because Facebook keeps suggesting it to friends of members. But I’ll give kudos Esohe because she had been delivering value before creating GBN. She didn’t need to rely on Facebook to grow it to 300 members within 2 months.

           7. Nigerian Podcast Network

Podcasting in Nigeria isn’t yet popular. Most people who are familiar with the name are still yet to fully grasp its meaning. One man who is leading a revolution to help change this is Dayo Samuel.

If you don’t know, a podcast is simply a periodic pre-recorded online audio show. Just like my This Is Your Wealth Podcast. Dayo founded the Nigerian Podcast Network around January 2014 essentially to help many more Nigerian launch their podcast.

His vision has been to help at least 100 people launch their podcast and as he shared with me, he’s helped between 60-70 people so far.

        8. Breakthrough Academy

This is another of those high value Nigerian Facebook groups that are focused on helping entrepreneurs who want to grow profitable businesses and live fulfilled lives. The owner of Breakthrough Academy is Arise Arizechi; a business development expert with over 10 years experience of work with multinational companies.

Every Friday, Arise invites successful entrepreneurs to share their stories and inspire the members on The Breakthrough Show. This happens right in the Group which has a membership of over 1300 individuals.

breakthrough academy show

         9. Dr. Malik’s Perfect Health Community

The top 8 show is not for the business guys only too. Most entrepreneurs pay less attention to their health. Reports have proven that most entrepreneurs are prone to a lot of health issues.  That’s why you have to be on this Facebook Group. Perfect Health Community [PHC] is an online health community where you get helpful ANSWERS, SOLUTIONS, and SUPPORT for all your HEALTH, WEIGHT, and SEX problems.

Every day Malik and a few other members share insightful tips and ideas that we most times never pay attention. Most times when i travel in a bus i feel like i’m going to throw up. It was on this group that i learned the remedies.

Similarities These Groups Share:

As you may have observed, there groups aren’t all so different. They share a few similarities.

  1. One very instructive thing about these groups is that the owners have structured their content around daily themes. Each day for  specific topic. This ensures that they lead members to achieve the group vision on a daily basis.

  1. Most of these groups share members. You can attribute this to Facebook’s method of recommending groups to individuals whose friends belong to such groups.
  1. These groups are not all about promoting the owners and their products. Yes they promote their products on the group, but give so great value for free that most of the members gratefully but their products. The groups also become a support centre for the members where they get free tips, advice and even make new friends.

So do yourself the good of joining any of these groups and tap from the great experience.

Question: Which of these Nigerian Facebook groups have you heard of or joined? What are your experiences? Leave your comments below