TIYWEP39 – Overcoming The Fear Of Launching Out

fear of launching out

Fear is one of the most prominent hindrances most entrepreneurs encounter when trying to launch their business. In this episode, our guest Dr. Cally Cussons shares his own experience with fear and how entrepreneurs can overcome the fear of launching out.


Key Lessons From This Episode:

1. Before launching out, you must invest time to find out the unique solution you’re offering, the markets you want to serve and a revenue model.
2. Your brain will always work to safeguard you from taking risks. But you need to train it to support and believe in the viability of your idea.
3. The best way to convince your relations or friends is to keep building consensus.
4. We are all more than enough. All of us have different routes to fame, but you need to focus on your route and not compare yourself unnecessarily with people.

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Quote Of The Episode

[bctt tweet=”Everything you will ever want, everything you will ever need, everything you will ever regret in life is at the other side of fear.” username=”iamrichardokere”]

[bctt tweet=”If you are not creative or rational, you cannot be afraid.” username=”iamrichardokere”]

[bctt tweet=”While every business opportunity is an idea, not every idea is a business opportunity at that time” username=”iamrichardokere”]

[bctt tweet=”You can never be good enough, do the much you can at the point you are.” username=”iamrichardokere”]

[bctt tweet=”God brought you here to be a painter. If you don’t like the colour on the wall, paint it to the colour you want. Don’t complain.” username=”iamrichardokere”]

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