TIYWEP25 – Building High Value Relationships On Facebook

high value relationships on facebook

Social media websites like Facebook are primary built to fuster relationships through the internet. And as entrepreneurs, building high value relationships on Facebook has become very key. But not everybody is  doing it right. In this episode, i share my ideas on how you can utilize Facebook to make friends and also be a friend.


In This Episode, you’ll learn:
1. What it takes to get someone interested to become friends with you.
2. How to identify the right kind of potential friends on Facebook.
3. Ideas to make anyone want to build a relationship with you.
4. How to start up a discussion on Facebook

Enjoy Additional Resources:
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2. Join the Smart Career Network Facebook Group

Quotes Of The Episode:

[bctt tweet=”People want to know the kind of person you are before they embrace your friendship”]

Question: What other method have worked best for you in building high value relationships on Facebook? Please leave your comments here and let’s discuss

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