TIYWEP24 – How To Build Your Credibility And Make Friends In An Event

make friends in an event

Have you ever felt like you underutilized an event you just attended? A lot of times we all do. If done right, attending events could spur up valuable relationships and friendships. In this episode, i share ideas on how you can build credibility and make friends in an event.

In This Episode, You will Learn:

1. A simple tip to get an event host anxious to meet you at the event.
2. Two items that adds to your credibility you must take to an event with you.
3. How to introduce yourself better in an event.
4. The one thing you shouldn’t fail to do after the event.

Quotes Of The Episode?

[bctt tweet=”There is more to gain than lose when you share a business card in an event.”]

[bctt tweet=”Why Would someone listen to what you have to say if you’re not going to make sense and add value?”]

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Question: What other thing have you done to build your credibility and make friends in an event?