TIYWEP23 – What Makes A Smart Career?

a smart career

Since i launched my podcast, i have been talking about the Smart Career brand. I did a 9 episode series on it and just this year, i launched the Smart Career Network. But what makes a career smart?
The smart career is not the usual 8am – 4pm job we know. The initiative is based on 5 basic principles.  So in order to regard your career as a smart one, it must meet this 5 principles. These are the 5 principles i teach in this episode.


In this episode, you’ll learn:
1. What you should build your smart career around.
2. The relationship between your career and the internet.
3. How a smart career helps you live a better life.
4. The income opportunities of a smart career.
5. How the smart career significantly improves your status and following.

Enjoy Additional Resources:
1. The post i shared my weekly schedule
2. Audacity Software to record your audios
3. Click here to learn more about the Smart Career Network and how you can join..

Quotes Of The Episode

[bctt tweet=”A career built around your passion has greater chance of gaining your ultimate commitment “]

[bctt tweet=”Everybody is making money by serving a solution, so don’t be afraid to ask for what everybody is enjoying”]

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