TIYWEP21 – 3 Things You Must Consider Before Choosing A Mentor

choosing a mentor

Choosing a mentor is one thing that can position you for exponential growth this year and beyond. If you were  to inquire from a few successful people today what their biggest inspiration or help was, they would most likely tell you it was the mentors they had. So while you go about choosing them. in this episode, i share 3 things you should take into consideration.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

1. The best approach to seeking mentors
2. Powerful tips to get your ideal mentor interested in mentoring you
3. How to utilize social media to build rapport
4. Why your mentors’ values and interests must align with yours
5. Why your mentor should be someone who has time for you

Enjoy additional Resources:

1. Entrepreneur.com – A site to shareable business tips and resources
2. Punchng.com – A Nigerian portal to find good news on politics and economy

Quote Of The Episode:

[bctt tweet=””Mentoring is a continuous interaction between people of like minds.””]

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