TIYEEP27 – 7 Reading Habits That Will Transform Your Life

reading habits

Reading good books is a habit we all must consciously imbibe. Our lives are shaped by the books we read and the people we meet. Yet for the books to really shape our lives, we need the right reading habits.  These habits help us to get the best out of our books. In this episode, i’ll share those habits.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

1. How you can read books faster utilizing your smartphone
2. Simple idea to retain more of what you read
3. The benefits of reading various genre of books.
4. How to inspire yourself to take action from books
5. How to discover the next book you should read

Enjoy Additional Resources

1. Amazon Kindle
2. Audible – Buy audiobooks here
3. Free-ebooks.net – Download free eBooks on various niches or topics

Quotes Of The Episode:

[bctt tweet=”The essence of reading is for us to get better and you can’t get better in life if you don’t take actions.”]

Question: What reading habits has been working for you?

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