This Is How To Win Friends On Facebook And Also Be One

Facebook now has a very big influence in our lives. A lot of use it for very many things. Friends and family of course use it to stay in touch. Businesses use it to communicate with their customers. So the whole essence of the site is to fuster friendship through communication.

I don’t know about you, but i am on Facebook to make and sustain friendships. Friendships that i believe are going to help me be who I am created to be.

That is why i dedicate a lot of my time to learning how i can sustain those friendships especially by being of value.

I am thinking that you are among those that want to learn how you can also win friends on Facebook, so i want to share a bit of what i learned with you. So here are my tips to help you win friends of Facebook

  1. Know your ideal friends

These are the kind of people you actually want to build friendship for whatever genuine reason. This is where you have to be clear about your values and goals.

There are people i don’t naturally engage with because either i am still learning who they are or I’m not just into them. And it’s very easy to learn about your prospective friends by just observing their posts.

So begin now to make a list of the kind of people you want to make friends with considering your values and goals. Then try to be a little bit more observant to know these people once you see their posts.

  1. Do the unusual

People love good surprises and even love more the person who pulls it off.

[bctt tweet=”If you are going to make friends on Facebook, you need to learn how to surprise people. “]

Do the unusual. Begin to like or better still share their posts.

Check their birthdays and get their phone number and call them on that day. It’s okay to send them inbox messages but you’ll probably be just one of the hundreds of people that did that. No! Be among the few people that will call them.

That also means you are not supposed to just post ‘HBD’ on their timeline. Sometimes, I celebrate the person on my timeline using a picture I pull from their photos and a brief write up about the person.

  1. Make Yourself Important

You see, I have come to learn that people don’t just send friend request to anybody. There is usually something that drives them – Your profile picture, your post, somewhere your name was mentioned etc.

So you need to optimize all these channels. Let everything thing about you communicate that you are someone that could be useful now or in the future. Maybe someone added you because of your cute looks, but is that what you want to be known for in the long run?

My point is, beyond the cute look, make your timeline a resource center. Post inspiring things on a consistent basis.

Talk more about your area of expertise. Use stories, videos, pictures. Think of yourself as a celebrity in your field and be that person.

So that when you ideal friends notice and check up on you, they won’t be disappointed.