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"I want to invite you to think about things you may not have thought about before, think of new possibilities" ...... Those were his words to me.

I didn't know what to expect next after the above statement and the session started with mind bugging questions I have never thought of. Fear just catch me like say I dey hot seat (that moment you think you are before Frank Edoho)

Before that session, I have always thought I had my hands full with so many "I have to do" but after the session, I saw my hands empty with barely nothing. I was left with Queen's favorite quote "clarity is bae". Meeting Richard gave me a reason to seek for clarity because I don't want to be like one fighting the air (uncertainty) and now I feel like "testimony time" lol.

One thing is to have a goal and another is to gain clarity on how to achieve them and Smart career consultation is a go to for it. I haven't stopped thinking and trying to get it right to avoid wasting the little time I have while we live........ CLARITYISBAE"

               - Chioma Madueke