SC Series-Ep9-Building An Identifiable And Compelling Brand For Yourself

Over the years i have enjoyed the benefits of a strong personal brand and learned how much it can affect how people see you and of course the kind of businesses your personal brand will attract.  A personal brand is simple terms is what you represent in the mind of people. In this episode of  This Is Your wealth Podcast, I share 5 tips to help you start building an identifiable and compelling brand for yourself. Our guest Esohe Igninoba could not join me for the interview so i took her place.


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  1. Why and how you should create a brand message.
  2. How to spread and promote your brand message.
  3. How personal branding helped me in the early stages of my internet marketing
  4. The benefits of being intentional with your brand building
  5. How to develop a brand name or title
  6. The two things that your brand name and description should capture
  7. The benefits of engaging with you target audience.

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