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This Is For Just 5 Dead-Serious People That Need A Mentor & Coach They Can Call By 10pm And Gain Access To My Private Passion-Business Files, Templates & Tool Kit.

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  1. Highly skilled in an area but know so little on how to build systems and structures that sustain your business and give you more freedom.
  2. Own a blog or community but struggling to create engaging content, attract steady traffic and converting leads.
  3. Possess some online marketing know-how but still cannot deploy it to build a profit generating business around your passion or expertise.
  4. Have been struggling for months to position yourself among the top 5% in your industry.
  5. You’re tired of working for long hours with little to show for it and BADLY NEED a coach or mentor you can cry to and have him hold you by the hand to high impact and high profit.
  6. You feel you’ve been procrastinating and indulging a lot and need a coach to hold you accountable and whip you to success in 90 Days.

I’ve been in this club

Back in 2009, I was a professional struggler. I ventured into so many businesses, chasing around money like a mad man.

I knew so much about online buisness and spent over N100, 000 on browsing time in Cyber Cafes trying various strategies and schemes – High Yield Investment, information product marketing, affiliate marketing , to Blogging, Google adsense.

The Frustration Kicked In!!!

The frustration grew when in 2010 I lost the N10, 000 my mum gave me to start High Yield Investment business; then got banned on Google Adsense because I was clicking the ads out of desperation.

I managed to start my own blog, hoping that if I could put an affiliate product on it, I’ll be rich by the next morning (that’s what the online marketing gurus made me believe).

When I eventually did post the product on the blog, by the next morning I was N0 richer.

At home, my mum would always say “Richard, when will all these your money start coming”.  Ahrgggghhhh! I felt like screaming at myself.

I almost quit the whole online business thing, but for some reason, I was determined.

Pheewww! Finally Something To Dance For!

My determination paid off when I met a friend who was into export business consulting. I was determined this time to make this work once and for all. I learned some things from him about the business and discovered a lot of people wanted to learn how to start export business.

I put together an e-Book for wanna-be exporters, wrote a salepage and started promoting it like crazy.

I made over 20 sales at prices between N1500-N3000. That was my big break

Yet I was still dabbling and not making enough money until 2013 December, I saw a One-Day Business coaching program by a very successful business coach in Nigeria and I signed up.

I travelled 6-hours from Owerri to Lagos in search of clarity and a proven system.

It was like going back to school even with all I knew about online marketing.  He taught me How To make a great living doing what you love, and doing it my way.

Today, I’m a proud high profit business owner and helping over 1000 entrepreneurs and corporate organisations build profitable online businesses.

I work full time from home office in Owerri, Imo state, Nigeria with just my Laptop, Smartphone and a few small gadgets.


Remember the coach that hosted me in his business coaching class, his name is Victor Ekpo Bassey, founder of The High Paid Experts Network.

Along with working with him, my online business journey has brought personal connection with high successful entrepreneurs like the internationally renowned business coach Cally Cussons, Life coach Uju Onyechere, Emeka Nobis, How2Think Coach Kemi Oyesola, Jane Oma and a lot of other people too numerous to mention.

In order to transform your business, you need to interact with high achievers. It matters a lot.

And after having so many conversations with entrepreneurs who want to build high profit businesses, I’ve discovered that so many of them have NO CLUE how to even get started in their passion-business. I promise – it’s not that hard when you know where to focus!

I’ve also realized that so many people do NOT know about create world-wide impact and high profit from their passion.

I’m ready to help you create a business that can help you live comfortably in the world. No more “just getting by” or “barely breaking even.”

Introducing My Landmark Program – The Smart Career School

On this platform, we shall break loose from mediocrity and confusion, and utilize our passion, online and offline strategies to build high income businesses ones and for all.


It pains my heart to see gifted and passionate people with potentials to change the world and earn a comfortable living suffer in confusion.

I once met a young man whom I’ve known for year to be a passionate and gifted Bible teacher. He had aspirations, but since those years, he’s not been able to grow beyond just teaching in a few local groups and fellowship. After doing a consultation with him, he confessed that I gave him real answers to a lot of questions.

Here Is Are Testimonies From Our Alumni


The Smart Career School is an online coaching platform for entrepreneurs, business owners and workers who desire to become high income earning celebrities in their chosen fields.

The vision is to raise 50 entrepreneurs each year to become high income celebrity experts.

Over N500,000 Worth Of Value Immediately You Sign Up


       1. 9 Passion To High Profit System Audio Trainings with assignments and worksheets. (worth N100,000)

These are the core module-based lessons that contain practical steps, principles and strategies you need to begin building a profitable passion-business.

       2. 9 Passion To High Profit System Audio Trainings with assignments and worksheets. (worth N100,000)

These are the core module-based lessons that contain practical steps, principles and strategies you need to begin building a profitable passion-business.

       3. Personalized weekly performance/discovery reports on each module.

So you don’t lose track of the lessons and strategies you’ve learned about growing your passion-business, you’ll received a detailed personalized report on each module after each of our Skype Q & A sessions.

       4. The 90 Day Passion To High Profit Implementation Plan

Procrastination and inconsistency with a proven plan is the major causes of entrepreneurial failures. We’ll develop a personalized 90 day action plan for you so you don’t get confused and I’ll be behind you to cheer and sometimes whip you to follow it.

       5. 5 Group Coaching/Q&A Skype Calls (worth N200,000)

 I know you’ll have questions and will need clarification on some concepts and strategies. That;s why i’ve set up weekly group coaching call to assess our work, inspire each other and exchange ideas.

       6. All Audio Recording of Smart Career Network Monthly Teleseminar (Worth N50,000)

Every month i host a teleseminar specifically for Smart Career Network members on topics related to building your business online. These teleseminars are recorded and you’ll get the recordings once you join the Smart Career School.

       7. 30% Discount on SCN Paid Events

You become a VIP member of The Smart Career Network and therefore get 30% discount on all events we host.

       8. The eBook – From Passion To High Profit Business

The Kindle and Paperback version sales for $2.99 and respectively, but you get it free as a member of SC School.

    The High Profit Online Business Toolkit

My personal swipe file of over 50 top tools and resources for writing, audio and video production, productivity, social media marketing, blogging etc.

Registration closes on the 10th of October and The School opens on 17th October 2016.


Module 1 | Define Your Gift, Passion, Market & Brand

Discover and develop your skill area; define a thriving niche that powerfully integrates your area of giftedness or message with a group of people who want and will pay for it.

Module 2 | Take Control of Your Brand

Develop an identifiable and compelling brand strategy to market yourself to your target audience and increase your value as a potential coach/consultant and carefully implement it across all customer touch points, including digital platforms.

Module 3 | Design A Signature Solution Roadmap

Convert your expertise to tangible marketable systems that produce proven results and attract a residual flow of ideal premium clients who eagerly cue up to work with you.

Module 4 | The Leadership Platform

Set up a platform to consistently provide your ideal clients the opportunity to encounter your message & expertise free or at a very reduced cost and experience its value.

Module 5 | The Client Attraction Formula

Develop a marketing strategy to easily and consistently reach your ideal clients, raise your profile and easily attract them to work with and refer you.

Module 6 | Social Media Profits

Implement and leverage social media tools and features to continuously build your community, interactively communicate your brand and expertise, and network with ideal clients or partners through other high value social media groups and communities.

Module 7 | Design Your Packages

In order to initially set you up for immediate business profits and growth, design a program (product, service, training) that is identical to you.

Module 8 | Money Magnets & Roadmaps

Design a lucrative and exciting profit formula and revenue plan that allows you to transform your gift or expertise into multiple streams of income, offer high value packages and programs that sell, and break out of the time for money model so you can dramatically increase your revenue.

Module 9 | Vision Boarding

Create a body of habits and goals that gives you a lot of freedom and accelerates your success.

MEMBERSHIP FEE is N70, 000 only (5 Weeks coaching, 90 days followup)

But you could grab the early bird discount and pay N50,000 before Saturday 8th October.

If you wish to pay through bank deposit, pay N50, 000 into any of the accounts

Guarantee Trust Bank, account name – Richard Okere, Account number – 0156488672
Access Bank PLC – account name – Richard Okere, Account number – 0005562422

After your payment – send your Facebook name, phone number, email address and deposit slip number to using the subject ‘Smart Career School’


If you wish to have a one on one 1 hour consultation with me where i will help you come up with your own plan
to a create more impact and income, please click here and fill the form.

Always remember, the best career is the one built around your passions.