SC Series-Ep17-How To Sell More Products And Services

sell more products and services

In this 17th episode of This is your wealth podcast, Richard Okere Jr. teaches the 9th and last step of the  Smart Career Series titled – Effective Sales Mastery. This is about mastering the art of confidently and  creatively introducing and selling your products, services to your leads from the stage, one on one, in a meeting or online; and also developing a launch strategy that helps you sell more products and services.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn:
1. The huge benefit of automating your business to sell more products and services online
2. How to develop a good launch strategy for your products and services.
3. The various ways to sell your products and services through one-on-one conversations
4. How to leverage your speaking engagements to sell your products and services.

Quotes Of This Episode:

“[bctt tweet=”The impressions you leave with your customers sticks to their mind”]”

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