SC Series-Ep16- Income Roadmap And Clusters

So on this episode of This Is Your Wealth Podcast, i hosted the one and only Coach Victor Ekpo Bassey, founder of The Highly Paid Experts Network. He is teaching the 8th step of the smart career plan titled ‘Income Roadmap and Clusters’.

This concept is is about having an annual income goal and then designing a lucrative and exciting  profit and revenue formula that allows you to transform your gift, talent, passion or expertise into multiple  streams of income that help you achieve that goal.

In This Episode, You’ll learn:

1. About The Highly Paid Experts And How You Can Join
2. Why you must package your solution for a very clear market
3. How your pricing influences your brand and confidence
4. The connection between your goal setting and your mind
5. A simple method to determine your income goal for a year
6. How to determine the combination of programs, products or services that will bring you to your income goal.


Enjoy Additional Resources:
1. Join the highly Paid Experts Network
Quotes Of The Episode:

[bctt tweet=”The price that you charge at any point in time is a reflection of the level of confidence you have in your ability to produce results.”]

[bctt tweet=”Everything you’ve gone through or you are going through has commercial value.”]

On The Next Episode

Which is the 17th episode of This Is Your Wealth Podcast and 9th step of the Smart Career series, i will be teaching you effective sales mastery techniques you’ll need to attract more business clients and sales from almost anywhere.

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