SC Series-Ep12-How To Consistently Attract New Clients Almost Automatically

In this episode of  This Is Your Wealth Podcast, i’ll be teaching the 5th Step to build a high income smart career – Which is on the topic ‘How To Consistently Attract New Clients Almost Automatically’. I call this the lead capture funnel and automation.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  1. The three stages of lead capturing and funneling
  2. How you can begin to design your own lead capture funnel
  3. The 5 essential key points you must always have in mind about your funnel.
  4. The method we marketers use to attract new leads into our communities.
  5. A practical example of a lead capture funnel.

Enjoy Additional Resources

  1. BlessAmoss Music School (The Facebook Group)
  2. The Internet Driven Business Academy (The Facebook Community)

On The Next Episode:

On The next episode which is the 13th episode of This Is Your Wealth Podcast and 6th step of the Smart Career series, i will be having one of my good friends to teach us on the topic – 5 social media commandments to attract expert social media profits. His name is Akinjobi Sodiq, he is a social media expert and leads an extraordinary Facebook community called AdreSocial.

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