Podcast EP007 – Why You Should Start A Blog Now

Since the past 5 years, i have run about 5 free and paid blogs for various purposes. All of these blogs are no running anymore, but one thing that is certain is that running them helped me achieve some of the things i want to share with you in this episode of This Is Your Wealth Podcast.


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

1. What a blog is and the difference with a static website
2. The difference between a free and paid blog and which is most preferrable.
4. The exact platforms/blogging services to start a blog on.
3. Why starting a blog now can help your business
4  6 solid reasons you should start a blog now
5. About an event coming up in November for bloggers and how you can be part of it.

Enjoy Additional Resources:

1. Nigeria’s most popular blog – Linda Ikeji’s Blog
2. Nigeria’s second most popular blog – Ogbonge Blog

3. Free blog hosting services – www.blogger.com and www.wix.com

4. The paid blog hosting service i’ll recommend – www.wordpress.org

On The Next Episode:

I will be starting the Smart Career Series where i’ll take you through the 9-Steps to wealth.
These are the steps i teach in my coaching program to help individuals discover, develop and deploy their gifts,passions and ideas to create wealth and a thriving career. Don’t miss any episode from today.

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