Next Time You Want To Surprise A Loved One With A Gift, Here Is The Place I Will Recommend

paddy gifts shop

There are two ways to respond to the ‘hardship and unemployment’ in Nigeria. Either you let it kill your passion for success and keep you downcast, or you decide to get creative by looking for opportunities where most people think it doesn’t exist.

I’m sure you know I’ll always go with the second option. Like Albert Einstein says ‘In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity’.

Our dear country Nigeria is a beehive of opportunities for anyone who wants to find them.

This is the genius I spotted in Eigbe Ehizibue Nathaniel, Jacob Uduebor & Suberu Charles who just recently launched a Nigerian gift portal (Cool name by the way).

Without second guessing, anyone should know this is a goldmine.

So what is an online gift shop?

It’s an online shop that sells souvenirs and small items suitable to be given as presents to loved ones.

The smart entrepreneurial trio says is committed to developing innovative gift ideas, giving their customers a ‘wow’ and making that someone feel special all uniquely delivered by their prompt delivery agents.

So as the birthday or anniversary of your friend, or spouse or girlfriend draws closer and you want to give him or her a special surprise gift, even when you’re a long distance away, you might want to consider calling on a gift delivery service such as PaddyGifts to do the job for you.

‘It’s an online Gifts Shop for busy folks who want to be a part of the special days of those they care about and for those who want to surprise their loved ones’, says Nathaniel (popularly known as Ehis Nath).

Currently, they are operational in Port Harcourt, Benin City and plans are on the way to for an Enugu & Onitsha invasion in October this year (2015).

I hope they have my beautiful Owerri city on their list of soon to launch cities.

You also get a variety of interesting gift items you could choose from ranging from 3D cakes, watches, hand-made accessories/bridals, neck/wrist/ear beads, shoes, watches, bags, perfumes, berries, chocolates, custom cards.

They come with various price options and 24 hours free delivery.

So next time you are looking for a Nigerian gift shop online, think