My Irresistible Package For Hotels In Owerri

hotels in owerri

The city of Owerri is popular for the many hotels it has. For some reason, it seems to be a big business here. Hundreds of people from especially the southern states troop into the town on weekends to catch all manner of fun.

So for a long time I’ve been wanting to develop a product I could offer these hotels and get my own slice of the hotel money.

I once had the idea of a hotel booking app, but the thought of the money it would cost scared me. Not to say it’s not something I’m still interested in.

Now I have another idea.

Most hotels in Owerri aren’t good at customer relationship. It’s just too poor. Almost none of them have formidable online presence. I mean the kind that increases their profit significantly.

Recently, I’ve come up with a concept called The One Customer Strategy. It’s a combination of online marketing and customer relationship ideas to help personal and corporate brands grow their profits.

It’s now a part of my Solution Roadmap and what I teach in my coaching program.

It’ll first come as a free training and then I’ll offer back-end products like an Internet Driven Hotel Package.

So how does it relate to you?

I’m sure at some point you’ve thought about what to create for a new market you just discovered. It’s so easy for us to see problems, but the question is- can you create a suitable solution.

Here are a few steps to develop an irresistible package for any market.

1.      What’s The Real Problem?

Understanding the real problem in a market helps you to craft a compelling message that attracts attention. It also gives you some understanding of the problem’s history and the customer’s ideal solutions. The best way to discover is to ask the ideal customer.

Is it something they are lacking, or need to improve on, or need to remove? These are three different things but sometimes your product caters for the three.

For example, Hotels in Owerri lack online presence and need to improve on their customer relationship. Having a formidable online presence is still an integral part of modern day customer relationship.

2.     Package The Solution

It can be in form of a product, service or program. Is it something that requires you to training them, or offer a done-for-your service or sell them a product?  I’d always recommend you create the solution yourself. 

If you lack the expertise, hire someone or use their product (with permission) and agree on a compensation plan.

3.     Test The Solution And Assess Feedback

The best person to verify your product quality is the ideal customer.  Pitch the solution to at least 10 different members of your market. If possible, let them use it free and give you feedback.

But don’t keep on waiting for feedback from all, if 6 of them say it’s great, you’re good to go. Check if they have a few other reservations and use it to improve on the solution.

4.     Finish the package and sell

If you are not careful, you could spend too much time trying to develop a product. There is no perfect product. You just need to have the best solution for the problem at that time. That’s why we’ll always have new versions of phone software.

[bctt tweet=”Nothing is ever perfect. Improvement is the essence of creativity. So go out and sell what you’ve got.”]

Question: What market have you recently discovered and what product are you creating for it?