MMP Podcast – How Your Relationship Affects Your Business w/ Nike Folagbade Adedokun

You may not be aware of this, but your relationship affects your business. The kind of words said by your spouse, his or her demeanor when you talk about your business and the general support he or she gives. In this episode of my rebranded podcast, i host relationship expert who shares her thoughts on how we can build pre-marital and marital relationship that positively influences our business.


Key Lessons From This Episode

  1. Relationship and business are two different entities and needs to be handled in a very matured way.
  2. Your communication process and support system could empower or dis-empower your partner.
  3. It’s better you date someone who understands and accepts your business.
  4. You will always find a way to support your partner if you really care about his or her business.

Resources Mentioned

  1. Relationship Capsules Facebook Group
  2. Nike’s BookHow I Got The Ring
  3. Nike’s Blog

Quotes Of The Episode

[bctt tweet=”Communication is the life of a relationship” username=”iamrichardokere”]

[bctt tweet=”You don’t necessarily need to date the person who does the same thing that you do” username=”iamrichardokere”]

[bctt tweet=”If you’re dating someone who is intimidated by what you do, you had better run” username=”iamrichardokere”]

Question: What one thing can you do NOW to show better support to your spouse’s business?

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