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TITLE: The Smart Career School

DURATION: 3 Months


PRICE: N30, 000



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Our friend Richard Okere Jr. is one of the top business and entrepreneurship bloggers in Nigeria and founder of The Smart Career Network. He is also the Lead strategist at Eagleforts Integrated Resources.

He has recently launched a coaching program for entrepreneurs, business owners and workers who desire to become high income earning celebrities in their chosen fields. It’s called ‘The Smart Career School.’

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need a blueprint and business model that helps you to position yourself as an authority, easily create and sell high quality products and services and attract high value customers.

The Smart Career School gives you proven strategies and steps to immediately launch your business and accelerate your success. If you’re a coach, business owners, author, Pastor, musician… building your career the smart way is the way to go.

Do yourself and your future a favour and subscribe for The Smart Career School today.


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To be a successful entrepreneurs, you need a blueprint and business model that helps you to position yourself as an authority, easily create and sell high quality products and services and attract high value customers.

Richard Okere Jr., a top business and career coach in Nigeria, will show you how, step-by-step in his Smart Career School.


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Richard Okere Jr. is the founder of The Smart Career Network and Lead strategist at Eagleforts Integrated Resources. He has invested over 5 years in helping individual, organisation and entrepreneurs to discover, develop and deploy their passions and ideas to build thriving businesses and better lives.

He began his career as a export consulting agent, then he ventured into information marketing and now a business and career coach. Richard is also a graduate of Education and Economics from The University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

His blog is one of the top blogs in Nigeria for entrepreneurs with over 260 visitors per month.

Richard is also the first son of a family of 6 children; a twin. He lives in Owerri, Imo State.

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Interview Topics

The High Income Smart Career

In a world where most employed workers desire to launch out and build their own career and even entrepreneurs and organisation are suffering to generate the kind of profits and brand positioning they desire, you need more than a business, you The Smart Career. You will learn more about the Smart Career in this interview.

The Internet Driven Business

Running a successful business isn’t just about having a website. Online business has gone beyond that. In this Interview, Richard’s will expose you to online marketing strategies and resources he has deployed for over 5 years to grow his business online and attract clients. This ideas are for individuals and corporate organisations.

Sample Interview Questions

  1. What is the smart career?
  2. Why do people need a smart career in today’s world?
  3. What does our gifts and passion have to do with a smart career?
  4. What is the internet driven business?
  5. What do you need to build a smart career?
  6. What role does the internet play in the smart career.
  7. How can the smart career ideas benefit an employed worker or someone looking for a job?
  8. How can you monetize your ideas or passion?
  9. Who would benefit from the smart career?
  10. How did you get interested in the topic of the smart career? How has you own career been?
  11. How do you discover your gift and passion?