I Tried Hard To Hold Back The Tears

lessons from my birthday

So my birthday celebration has come and gone and like I anticipated, it was just an ambush. I received so much show of love that my eyes were soaked with tears. I’m not the kind that exaggerates things but sincerely, I tried hard to hold back tears as I heard my friends testify of how much I’ve impacted their lives.

Not forgetting all the calls, SMS, Facebook posts and inbox messages. As I walked into the church gate on Sunday morning, almost everybody I walked past was saying ‘happy birthday’. Then my Reverend Peter DomNwachukwu announced it to the whole church and asked them to rise and sing a happy birthday song.

Ahhhhhh! Frankly, i was so shy I couldn’t even stand up. It was the last thing I expected from him. You can imagine the volume of ‘happy birthdays’ that was flying out of everybody’s mouth after service.

My central theme in life has been to intentionally impact millions of lives in a big way. Everyday we have to choose from either being a source of inspiration to people or a source of discouragement. I have chosen to be a source of inspiration and this has guided a lot of my thoughts, prayers and actions.

Last Sunday (22nd May), a few lessons from my birthday celebration dropped into my heart which I believe I should share with you.

  1. People Are Actually Seeing & Reading YOU

For most of us entrepreneurs that publish content online, we get this feeling that people aren’t seeing our posts or that they aren’t impactful enough. The truth is, people are reading. I still get that feeling till now, but I always have to remind myself that people are reading it. Yesterday at the party, a few people testified that they got to know me through my posts on Facebook. Once you hit that publish button, your post is immediately served to a lot of people.  It’s now in your hands to make it worth their time.

  1. People Will Call You All Sorts Of Names

A lot of people till today know me for different things. At the party, some called me a motivational speaker, others called me a business coach, and my own twin sister Rophina called me a leadership coach. I always try not to argue about these titles especially with people who haven’t been following me. I’ve taken the advice of my friend Esohe Igbinoba – “If you’re selling pampers and the market calls your product bomboy, give them bomboy because that’s what they are buying”. But never compromise on the specific solutions you deliver. No matter what title they give you, always deliver the same quality of value.

  1. Give More Than You Take:

One of my good friends said it was my advice that inspired him to start his shuttle transport business called Kay-Sax Shuttle (Yes he’s also a saxophonist). The comedian that was invited said he had begun to use the advice I gave him to share his content online and he’s reaping better results. Popular music artiste IOC Walter testified that I helped him gain more clarity about his business goals during a free strategy session with me.

[bctt tweet=” As an entrepreneur, your impact account should be greater than your bank account.” username=”iamrichardokere”]

Entrepreneurship is more about being a source of solution than making more money. When you hear that voice that encourages you to give you books free to an audience, or give a discount to someone on your product, or just give an advice that can transform someone’s life, please listen to it and take heed. It’s a principle of life – the more you give, the more you receive. Stop hoarding information. Imagine if Google decides to close their website.

  1. You Can Really Build Strong Relationships Online:

 I was celebrated on 5 high value Facebook communities – The Smart Career Network, The Highly Paid Expert Network, Profit From Coaching, The Global Brand Network, Adebayo Michael’s Relationship Community. In total, I received over 40 happy birthday wishes from these groups. It’s not just because I am a member of those communities, but more because I’m an active member. I may not have contributed in the way I’d have hoped to, but I have ensured that I add value the few times I show up through my posts, likes and comments.

I’ve also nurtured valuable relationships with the owners and members of these communities and this was primarily done online. For most entrepreneurs that just sit on Facebook scrolling from post to post without contributing even a ‘like’, you’ve got to change your game. At least let the writer know that you were blessed by leaving a comment, or better still add your own knowledge to the discussion.

  1. Reward Yourself The More

We can demand so much from ourselves, work ourselves to exhaustion and forget to celebrate our little successes. What’s the use of a fat bank account if I cannot enjoy it? Until this year (2016), I’ve never hosted a party to mark my birthday, or have I done anything spectacular to celebrate it. That has stopped. I’ve decided to celebrate myself the more not just on my birthday, but everyday. Whether it’s to give myself a treat in a restaurant or buy some new stuff, take a nap or watch a movie, do something to appreciate you.

You are beautiful, handsome, specially created by God and He has given you all the resources you need to flourish. With more intentional premium actions, you will get there. But please enjoy your life. .

Finally I must not fail to appreciate the sponsor of the party Mr. Blessing Amole, founder of BlessAmoss Music School. He really took us by surprise and he’s been a blessing to my whole family and hundreds of other people.

Which of the 5 lessons from my birthday celebration do you identify with the more? Let me know your thoughts

Live smart and be extraordinary

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