Launch Your Own Blog In Minutes On is one of the foremost blogging platforms on the internet. It was created to make it easier for anybody who wants to own a space online to create a blog by literally dragging and dropping the features you want.

You don’t need to be an expert or programming guru to start your own. Sincerely, if you are new and want to learn how to start blogging, I advice you start with a platform like

Decide Your Theme

Most people make the mistake of first seeing a blog as an income generating scheme. So they set out with the expectation of immediate cash flow.

This is a wrong start. A blog (Your blog) is about you communicating an idea, selling a brand or message to your target audience. It’s about you offering your readers a unique service in a style they probably have not had it before.

I admire Linda Ikeji’s blog a lot because that’s what she does on her blog. She gives you news and gist with a style and flare that you don’t find on traditional news websites or paper.

To her readers, she represents a distant friend to gist with – who doesn’t like gist?
So before you start your blog, think about what you want to represent to your readers. What kind of information do you want readers to find on your blog?

Where and how do you get it? Do you need to have a regular posting schedule and time? Would there be anything you want to add to your blogging that would make you standout from the rest?

This is among the first things you must be clear about before starting your blog. You surely want to have some consistency with your theme and style. These are the first two things you want your would-be audience to buy before you begin throwing products at their face.

So once you’ve gotten you idea of a theme, it’s time to begin setting up your blog. Follow these steps:

1. First you should open a Google account which you will use to access your blog (and other Google services). Did I tell you that blogger is owned by Google? Okay, I just did. Go to and click on ‘Create Account’ below to create one.
2. Go to and log in to your email address and password. You will be taken to your blogger Dashboard.
3. Click on the ‘New Blog’ button by the left to begin creating your blog.
4. A registration form pops and you’ll fill as follows.

Title – The name of your blog in two-five words. E.g. Welcome to Richard Okere’s Blog
Address – This is the web address for your blog which you’ll share with people. E.g. (Note that your blog address will have the extension).
Template – The design or layout of your blog. I most often like to use the ‘Simple’ template.

Once you are done, just hit the ‘Create blog’ button and voila! You have your blog. But that’s where the journey begins.