Internet Real Estate

This is a guest post from Emeka Nobis, a blogger and writer. He is the founder of Pen & Ink Masters, a Facebook group to help writers polish their craft, hone their voices, build their platforms, raise tribes who buy into their works, link arms into a formidable community, and achieve legendary status. You can follow Emeka on Facebook, Twitter or his blog.

 The old world order is over. The industrial age has passed away. The former way of doing things is not giving any one results.

The “Go to school, get a good degree and get a high paying jobs, so you get pension and retirement benefits” mantra has blown over. In that world, people were paid based on time – they work from 9 till 5 (in Nigeria’s case, it’s 7 till 9) for 40years.

Back then, the industries where starting, so employment opportunities were abundant. The big companies owned large real estates (land, machines, and properties), huge capital, and large human resource. Commerce was physically based, with physical outlets and physical markets.

There’s the new reality in today’s information age. Personal development is the new education. In this new world, skills rule!

Wages are going down daily, jobs are disappearing because of technology. For pensions you now have to contribute to the funds to keep them from going away. People are paid now based on performance, not time. The big companies own large real estate on the internet using the innovative, disruptive and collaborative free business models to drive their value and networth to such height that they even have cash more than the US Federal Reserve (Apple Inc. in 2014).

Commerce today is ecommerce (internet based) and mCommerce (mobile internet based). Below are real life examples why you should care.

ALIBABA is the biggest retailer in the world with no inventory of its own. It created an online real estate and loaned it out for free to over 500m retailers. It closes deals worth over 60million transactions per day. It recently closed over $14B worth of transactions in a single day (11/11/2015), even recording $1B in 8 minutes!!! Think about that for speed of business in the21st century economy!!

FACEBOOK is free. It’s the biggest media company, yet produces no content. It offers its prime piece of real estate to over 1.5B people for free, who produce and exchange content, thus making Facebook worth over $240B today.

UBER is the biggest taxi company in the world that owns no cars. Just give rental space to owner of taxi around the world space on its internet real estate (mobile app) for free.

AIRBNB is the largest accommodation provider with no physical estate of its own, but owns an internet real estate space that it uses to provide a platform for best options in accommodation owner by its partners to people around the world to rent.

WHATSAPP with over a billion messages per day has no servers of its own. It owns a mobile app(mobile internet real estate) that has been downloaded by over 1B people in 5 years of its existence. Facebook bought it over for $19B.

The internet is the new economy. The ecommerce is the largest industry worth about $2 trillion with a projection to hit $5 trillion by 2015, according to Forbes.

The pertinent question to ask is : do you own a real estate on the web that you can give away free and create wealth for yourself.