How To Know Whether You Are Living In Ignorance

living in ignorance

Ignorance is a disease. In fact there should be a better word to qualify it. I have seen what it can do people. The worst thing in life is not ignorance, but not being aware of your ignorance.

This condition can shatter a life. Seriously, it’s baffling to see how people wallow in ignorance and even chastise you when you try to help them. But how do you know you are living in ignorance? God just dropped these thoughts below this morning.

You are Stagnated

A very sure way to know you are ignorant is stagnation. Stagnation simply means ‘not moving forward’ ‘no progress’. A lot of people are in this situation but they don’t know where it stems from.

They know they aren’t moving forward but they don’t know it’s as a result of their own ignorance.

They know they should be better than their present state. They should have a better job, or a better career, or a better relationship with God or a better child and/or income, yet it seems the whole world has halted around them. Nothing is moving.

For some graduates, their life comes to a pause immediately after graduation. Graduation is that period when you discover that your life is now in your hands to make something out of it. Your parents and relations now expect you to bring back returns on their investment on you.

In fact, if after sponsoring you till graduation your parents also have to lobby government officers to get you a job, you are still a baby.

Youths have got to be serious for once and stop lazing around. We cannot expect to be leaders when even after graduation your parents have to suffer again to find you a job.

That’s why they feel they should also decide who you’ll marry because you’ve been a baby in an adult’s body all your life.

Unhappiness and No Fulfillment

When you are living in ignorance, you have no sense of fulfillment and happiness in what you are doing. Ignorance can come in various dimensions.

Some people are ignorant to the calling of God upon their lives. Some are ignorant to the opportunities God bring their way.

God is trying to speak to them about his true purpose and vision in life but they are too consumed in their present job that they don’t hear. They feel unhappy and unsatisfied but are deaf to the voice of God.

Your job could be a major distraction to your hearing God.

No amount of fat pay check can substitute the joy of being in God’s purpose for your life because when you are in that purpose, the money won’t even bother you. The windows of provision will be opened unto you. People will begin to look for you. They will seek you even if you live in your village.

You just have to find your purpose and vision for living. And it can only come from God the manufacturer. Whether you have to fast for 40 days for it, just do it.

It is that serious. I fasted for 14 days just to discover my purpose and the funny thing is there are still more things God is yet to reveal.

That mean more time in His presence. God cannot reveal information as serious as your purpose to you if you have not shown enough seriousness to know it.

As you fast, pay attention to the things you naturally love doing.

People always seek help from you in that area. Whenever you are on it, a fire burns within you and you don’t just want to stop.

That’s how I feel when I’m talking to people about discovering, developing and deploying their gifts and purpose. That’s how I feel when I’m on the drums or I’m writing, or I’m doing strategic thinking and planning.

So my friend, get on you knees and run away from ignorance generisches cialis. You have so much wealth in you to carry them to you grave.