How To Easily Write Your First eBook

Yes you’ve been told to package and monetize your idea and promote it online. It’s actually a great advice, one I’d also give. But how do you go about it?

An eBook is a book in electronic format that is read only on a PC or on mobile devices. They are usually in portable document format (PDF).
Writing an eBook is relatively one of the easiest methods to package your idea and prepare it for the sell or any other use.

Actually, an eBook can serve a whole lot of purposes for you – maybe I’d write on this in the future. But more importantly, it brings you a whole lot instant recognition and credibility.

When I wrote The Internet Driven Business eBook, I know a lot of friends that by their expression were amazed. Some of them were even talking about it to their friends.

And if there are people very much in need of the content you are writing about, it’s your opportunity to earn some cash too by selling it as an information product.

So how do you go about creating your first eBook?

1.    Decide on the topic you want to write about by looking for problems or issues being discussed around your field of expertise. These are those topics that are brimming with solutions people are in need of. In the medical field, there are people fighting diabetes. In academic, there are hundreds of students that want to improve their performance.

If you are an expert in this, you could write your first eBook on this preferring step-by-step solutions.

2.    If you have good knowledge of the topic, think of specific steps people can take to get the problem solved. If you don’t have much knowledge, spend some time researching on it, ask experts in the field for their inputs and break down your discoveries into a step-by-step solution system.

3.    Break it into chapters: A chapter for each step and then explain it. Pour your thoughts and discoveries in. Use Microsoft Word to type everything in. Note that it doesn’t need to be an encyclopedia. If you have poured everything you know about that one topic and it’s just 10 pages, publish it. People are interested in the solutions, not the volume of the book.

Personally, I sometimes record everything first with my phone. This method is easier if you already have good knowledge of your niche because Ideas flow easier and faster that way for me.

4.    When you are done, go through everything from beginning to end to check for spelling errors or incomplete sentences or ideas. You can pass it to another authority or an editor to proof read or vet.

5.    Insert your name as the author, your contact or social media links.

6.    Go to or use a Word to PDF software and convert it to PDF. This is the standard format for an eBook.

7.    That’s your eBook! Share it or Sell it.

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