How To Build A Brand That Allows You To Sell Lots Of Your Book Before You Print

This is an excerpt from the 10X Book Sales Webinar i hosted with Emeka Nobis. Enjoy


It’s one thing to publish a book, it’s a totally different ball game to sell it. A lot of authors make the mistake of not thinking through how they are going to build the buzz and attract sales for their book.  It’s like they think that part will magically sort out itself. Some others who plan to promote their book seem not to be very committed to it.



  1. To spread your message the more:

 If you want your message to get into the ears of many people through your book, you should make that commitment to promoting and pushing your book. You should have a marketing budget alongside your book printing budget.

  1. To open yourself up to many opportunities faster:

Your book could get to the hands of many people and create more opportunities for you. A client of mine got interviewed on Christian Broadcasting Network as a result of the level of promotion she gave her book.

  1. It becomes an extra stream of income:

You make extra money on your book sales




  1. Large book sales depends greatly on large following:

The two people who I’ve worked with and have gotten the biggest sales were the people I coached personally and helped them build and sustain their brand. Some other people I’ve been working with, I noticed they didn’t get the much expected results. Why? The primary thing is following. You are not a strong brand if you don’t have large following. I’ll share tips on how to get quick following.


  1. It enhances your credibility:

When you build a strong brand, it gives you credibility. People coming into your circle will trust you enough because of your credibility. People will only buy from you when they trust you.


  1. It separates you from the pack:

 The quality of a strong brand distinguishes you from others. With the way we’ve put together this training it sets us apart as a strong brand




  1. Be clear about your message:

A message is..

  • what you’re delivering to the market
  • the promise you are making to people
  • the solution to people’s problems in that line
  • that thing people will be discussing about you and your brand.

         4 things make a powerful message

  • The message itself (e.g I can help you become one of the top ten players in your industry by the year 2022 in Africa)
  • The Channels – Where and how people get to enjoy your message. e.g. social media, webinar, a book, conference, T-shirt etc.
  • Audacity: The boldness with which you talk about your message. A lot of times, people will believe you more for how you say it than for what you actually say it.
  • Frequency: How often you propagate your message. I learned the power of frequency from Grant Cardone. He’d always talk about his 10x movement everywhere. The thing is the more you talk about it, the more people you attract. 


  1. How you help people achieve the message:

This is about you knowing your “signature solution roadmap” .  How you help people from the point of problem to the point of solution.

There are two steps to knowing this

  • What are the things you know how to do (skills)
  • What are the things you need to do to lead people out of their problems. How do you articulate  the solutions to the people in your circle.

Also note that whatever you are putting out in the market must be what you’ve had previous experience with.


  1. Have a home for your audience:

Where can your audience find you… like Facebook pages or groups, offline communities, podcast shows, whatsapp groups, blogs, YouTube channels and lots more.  Creating platforms or homes such as these makes you the  leader that people look up to. Try setting up a platform or home and run with it.


  1. Set up a content strategy for your platform :

 What are you  going to be sharing on your platform and how often are you going to be sharing it. ( e.g. teaching every week on your whatsapp group, running promotions before each training, converting the teachings into pdf files and sending them via email to  the group members and selling your books at the end of each teaching.). This is a content strategy!


One of the strongest tools in online marketing should be your mailing list for more connectivity and swift communication.

 Note that consistency is key in content strategy. The more predictable and consistent you are the more people can trust you.


5. Attractions:

How do you bring people to your platform? There are thoughts or mindset you should have in attraction

.. advertising is not an expense but an investment into a proven model. Running adverts should be consistent to promtote your business. Digital (or book) marketing is a game of numbers and you can only get the numbers through promotions and adverts. Focus on one platform per time e.g. Facebook and grow your Facebook pages with followers.

You can literally have 10k people following you on your Facebook page in a few day if you have the money to pay for it. It takes a certain number of followers to make you a thought leader or celebrity and 10,000 is very good. Using a weekly budget of $5 to $10, you can promote your page posts to them and have over 2000 viewing your post per week. The more they see you, the more they know, like, trust and buy from you.


  1. Building reliability:

Four points to building reliability

  • Your ability to produce results for your audience which has a lot to do with your expertise
  • Your ability to produce results in a “sexy way”.  This is knowing who you are and how to do what you do in an appealing way.
  • Your ability to sustain results. People trust you more when you can always get results. Also make documents on how you generate each result.
  • Your ability to ” do what you say you will do”  which has to do with keeping to your promises, punctuality to teachings, meeting deadlines..



There will be a  7 day book marketing training which will cover,

  • Brand building in debth,
  • More tips, strategies and tricks to sell books,
  • Choosing awesome titles,
  • Building a committed team to helping you sell your book,
  • Creating Your book marketing plan,
  • Other ways of getting income from your book,

I, Richard Okere (jr) and Emeka Nobis will be training on these topics and modules.


To join this training costs #15.000. The training commences next week Sunday,  2nd February 2019.


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