Here Is A Gift To Help You Maximize Your Time And Achieve More Each Day

maximize your time

I  was inspired to create this after listening to Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Workweek audio book.

He suggested that you can maximize your time and achieve more each day if you can allot time limits to some of the things we do each day and make ourselves complete the work to a large extent within that time limit.

With that in mind i set out to recreate my weekly schedule. I’ve had one before (which i created after reading Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People), but Tim’s own seemed more result oriented for me.

It took me about 2 hours of MS Word creativity to get it done.

Now to be frank, i wouldn’t say that i’ve always kept to my schedule, sometimes i don’t. I guess i’ll need a little bit more commitment to make this a habit.

For a while after i created it, i forgot about it even though i pasted it on my room wall, and that cost me. People began to feed on my time which is supposed to be what your schedule should guide you against.

Let me also point out that this tool is more suited to work-from-home individuals cialis 5mg preis.

While i still believe there could still be a way to make it work for the 8am-4pm workers, i am yet to develop something on it.

maximize your time

My Weekly Schedule


What You’ll Benefit From A Tool Like This:

Using this really helped me realize how much free time i could have in a week to do other things.

I had 58 hours of free time in between to myself.

More specifically, having this has helped me stay more organized. Any time i feel like i’m lost on what to do each day, i just go to this.

With this, you get to:

  1. Know what you’re supposed to be working on each day
  2. Take control of your time and not allow anyone feed unnecessarily into it.
  3. Maximize your time everyday and be more productive.
  4. Gain more free time.

Each task in the schedule is meant to be done within the time frame alloted to it.

Don’t try to stretch it, just leave it there. There is a lot of discipline involved also and that makes it more worthwhile.

If you have any ideas or comments on how to improve this or how it has helped you, i’d read it in the comment box below.