Episode 2: Why You Must Lead Now With Your Gift

lead with your gift

Every one of us is born a leader. We are meant to be exercising leadership in at least one area of life, and one powerful resource we can use to accomplish this is our gift or ideas or passion. Yet we find that a lot of people struggle with this necessity of launching out with their ideas or gift. For some others, they just have any reasons to do so.

In this episode of This Is Your Wealth Podcast, Richard Okere Jr. gives you some thought-provoking reasons why you must decide now to lead with your gift.


On This Episode You’ll Learn:

  1. 3 Reasons Why You Must Lead With Your Gift
  2. Two books you can read to help you learn about leading with your gift or talent.

Enjoy Additional Resources

You can order the two books i recommended in this episode (affiliate links)

  1. Talent Is Not Enough By John Maxwell
  2. Better Than Good By Zig Ziglar   

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