Episode 1: Welcome To My Blog And Podcast Launch

We are live! Special thanks to you for coming to check out the blog. This is the first podcast episode for ‘This Is Your Wealth‘. Our goal is to inspire you to build your wealth, drive your business and live the extraordinary life.

On This Show You’ll Learn:

  1. Why i launched this blog and the podcast show
  2. My online business, failure and success story
  3. The 3 most important things i learned along the way
  4. My blogging and podcasting schedule
  5. The topic for the next episode

Enjoy Additional Resources

In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:

  1. Join The Internet Driven Business Academy Facebook Group
  2. My old blogs – www.monetizenigeria.com
  3. My company – Eagleforts Integrated Resources
  4. Add coach Victor Bassey on Facebook

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