My 3-Step Blueprint To Help You Master Your Passion or Gift

There is something that makes experts and celebrities the sought after personalities they are. Something that marks them out in the market place and makes them the top option for most people who need their kind of service.

They are highly skilled. Simply put – they are the best, not just because people say it, but they deliver more value than you’d expect when on their job.

I had the privilege of meeting the renowned business man and network marketing expert Mr. Festus Azarah here in Owerri and he said something that got me thinking.

He said people literally come from various parts of Nigeria to his Owerri home just for consultation. I said to my self – “now that is someone who has mastered his passion.”

Back in 2013, apart from my expertise in online marketing, I realised that I didn’t have any other skill that my immediate environment could easily identify with and readily pay me for.

The most related skill to online marketing I could think of was Website designing. I made the decision – I was going to learn it, not just for learning sake like most folks do, but because I wanted to become an authority in it – at least around my environment.

Today, I have built websites for companies and even run trainings. In fact, now I don’t give a website, I build an internet driven business and also train students under The Internet Driven Business Academy.

So how do you graduate from just admiring those on the stage to become the person on the stage?

It’s simple – Master Your Passion Or Gift.

Okay please forgive me – it was just simple on my hands to type. Like the heading says, I want to give you a blueprint I teach in my coaching program. Personally I have a problem with speakers who just motivate you without giving some practical steps or blueprint. So let me not be that kind of person.

The Blueprint:


A. YouTube Videos:

There are hundreds of videos out there on your passion or topic you can get and begin to digest. The process of developing your gift and being paid highly for the solution it delivers is a full time learning business.

Download some YouTube videos on baking or building or real estate or fashion designing or whatever it is you’re passionate about. Make yourself consume all of them like you’re leaking your dishes clean with your tongue after a meal.

You’ll be amazed at all you’d have learned in just 30 days.

B. Acquire a high value course or program on your gift or passion especially from an authority in your field.

What are the courses or training out there you could enrol; especially from an authority in the field? Hey I’m not talking of the usual seminars. They are good, especially for networking..Lol!

But I am talking of something deeper and advanced, delivered by that expert or organisation you’ve been hearing of on TV, radio or social media. They are usually expensive but…what the hell! If you have to borrow, sell your smart phone, kidnap som….oh sorry I didn’t mean that.

What ever right thing you can do to get the cash, please do. We are talking about your future here!

C. Buy at least 5 hardcopy books on your niche.

I wish there were someone that could explain the power of books better. In books, you learn the author’s years of mistakes and failures and then plan to avoid them. In books, an author literally gives you a short cut to success.

I usually recommend hardcopy books, but if you can get eBooks and read with your Smart phone, go ahead. You can find great eBooks on various topics at


A. Follow the top 3 personalities/websites in your niche through their social media platform, their newsletter, blackberry messenger, etc.

Facebook has a feature that makes it easy for you to get notifications on posts by experts you choose to follow. Always follow their posts. They know a lot more than you do and can feed you with a lot of trending stuff.

b. Subscribe to a periodic magazine in your niche. The magazines-for-a-niche business is rapidly gaining grounds in Nigeria. You will be exposing yourself to diverse information on your niche and guess what – those who have information have power and earn respect.

The goal here is to make yourself an information hub on your niche. How would you feel if almost all your friends and colleagues have to contact you for some information on your niche?

C. Create a system to discover and attend one seminar per quarter to enhance your area of interest. Personally, I attend seminars primarily for the networking opportunities…and it has to possess some ingredients to get my interest. A good place to look out for events is your Facebook Events page. I am not familiar with any one stop Nigerian events website. Do you know any? Please share in the comment box below this post.


A. Join/Serve in a group, project, and/or organisation that engage your gift/skill.

We all need some place to exercise our gifts and skills. An environment that inspires the creative genius in you.

I have served in numerous projects in my church, school or for or with a friend. One of the most recent was in a Leadership conference in Owerri hosted by Engr. Uba Nduwisi as the publicity coordinator. I made new friends and still was inspired to horn my skills.

B. Make a list of 5 associates in your field and set goals to meet and build relationships with them.

These are people who share the same passion with you. You could meet them in an event and they mustn’t be the ones on the stage. It could be the guy sitting next to you, or the lady that always talks about relationships and marriage in a Facebook Group you joined.

Social media has made networking a lot easier, but it has also created a hideout for people who fear face to face interaction. Start the conversation on social media and then invite the person to an event you’re attending/hosting or a simple launch in a restaurant. I tend to invite them to events – I planning to do more launch meetings; I think it holds more opportunities.

c. Pick out one expert in your field that you wish to become his mentee and employ a formula to create a relationship that regularly improves your knowledge. To be sincere, i don’t have that one person I’d call MY MENTOR. Probably because I have not gotten the right mindset to pick someone (and I am expecting it).

For now, I am more suited to mixing those I sit under to meet my various needs. I added this here because what’s not working for me might work for you (and it has worked for a lot of people). If you find the person, just ask.

So that’s the blueprint. Please note that it’s a step by step process especially if you’re just starting the journey to develop your gift and passion. I would suggest you don’t jump any.

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