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Richard Okere Jr. | Online Business Coach & Founder of The Smart Career Network

In this book, i walk you through the step-by-step method to promote your book to thousands of targeted people utilizing Facebook Ads.

Download my free book and learn the 5 steps you should take to build a high profit high impact online business from your passion.

Jasmine Balom | Life Strategist, Speaker and Author

Life is a roller coasters full of amazing moments. Sometimes We need a quick mental shirt to help us get back on track and truly enjoying the moment and the day.

Use this quick guide to empower yourself and get back to your goodness.

It can be easy to become  complacent or unhappy in a relationship that you actually enjoy and want to be in.

Use this 10 minute hack to shift and reset your mindset concerning your relationship and significant other. you'll thank me and they'll thank you.

CoachKemi known as the ‘Blast Fear Away!’ Coach, is CEO/Founder of How2Think Consulting Group

In This FREE Video Training Series - THE BASICS OF THINKING - I Share With You The Typical Thought Process That Results In Failure And How To STOP Failure In Your Life PERMANENTLY.

Emeka Nobis | Writer & Thought Leader

A community to help writers polish their craft, hone their voices, build their platforms, raise tribes who buy into their works, link arms into a formidable community, and achieve legendary status.

A community focused on Raising exceptional leaders for transgenerational impact.

Victor Ekpo Bassey | Founder, The Highly Paid Expert's Network

The Highly Paid Experts Network is a membership based online/offline learning community devoted to helping members become high profile, highly paid persons of influence in their field.

At the Better Man Mastermind, we do this basically by providing you with access to cutting edge resources, strategies and ideas that help you create the kind of future you want as well as connect you with a support network of like minded men.

Detola Amure | Founder, Super Working Mum

This free report was created for busy Christian mothers in mind who find it difficult to say No. You will find in this report 8 powerful scripts that you can use to confidently say “No” without feeling guilty.

I use these scripts myself and I am now free from the stress and burden of saying yes to others at the expense of my health, time and purpose.

This is an excerpt from my Amazon Best Seller book Super Working Mum. It shows you how to WAKE UP EARLY and maximise your mornings to ensure MAXIMUM productivity as a Christian working mother.

Kimberly Manning | Rapid Results Life Coaching

Challenged by the pressures of work, running a business, or life events? It's part of life and we all go through it. What if instead of bouncing back from those challenges you had 12 action steps you could put into practice that will have you bouncing higher, stronger and faster than ever before?" Grab your copy of How high do you bounce. Now.

Tunji Olujimi | Pastor & CEO, T. O. Consultancy

You been struggling to find what to write about for your book as an aspiring author, well this free guide will help you with tips to finding a topic, researching that topic and then writing on that topic in no time. Discover the steps you need to take your ideas out of your head, onto paper and into a book in less than 90 days. Learn how to plan your ideas, outline them and then turn them into a book in no time.

Get A Free 30 Minutes Call When You Get This Guide

Arise Arizechi | Founder, The Breakthrough Academy

The ebook contains 13 x 4  (i.e. 52) highly inspirational Stories of Everyday Nigerians who are making an impact.

It also contains 13 guaranteed steps that anyone who wants to become a Nigerian Star in this day and age must follow.

Nike Adedokun | Relationship Capsules

You want to launch out but you have fears? Then you should read my 7 page free gift to you. Mentoring may not be so easy directly but I have put down 5 ways to launch out with style in a 7 page ebook.

Aji R. Michael | UK leading Career Strategist and Workplace Consultant

Imagine being able to clearly determine exactly what job you want, why you want it, and how to accomplish it at every given time! So whether you are a fresh graduate, unemployed, looking to change career or you are employee who is considering going up the corporate ladder; this audio is for you.

MIke Gardner | ‘The Time Doctor’ and is highly regarded as one of the UK’s leading Time management and Productivity specialists.

If you are not using your phone’s capabilities to maximize your business and personal goals, you are running the risk of falling behind your competition. In this 40 page eBook, you will learn how to make your smart phone your smartest assistant.

This free online course, will enable you to be incredibly productive. You will find yourself getting a lot more done, in less time, with less stress whilst having more time to enjoy the things you want to enjoy. It will help you to totally change your effectiveness whilst balancing your commitments in a way that enables you to feel fulfilled and guilt-free.

Toluse Francis | Blogger, Writer and Author of Eat Fit:a Nutritional Blueprint for Healthy Living

Tricia Dycka | Intuitive coach, Reiki Master, bestselling author

Be happy. Be an Empath. Love your Life.  It is time to understand you are neither crazy nor alone.  Know what emotions truly are yours and what you are picking up from everyone else. Learn these simple tricks to get out of emotional overwhelm and what you need to do on a daily basis so you can start having fun again.  Being an empath is a gift but at times it can feel like a nightmare if you knew what belonged to you mentally, physically and emotionally life would flow much easier and anxiety levels would go way down.  

Fatema Zakir And Mislaina

Get our LIMITED Edition E-books for FREE

  • 3 BEST tips on having an inner & Outer Beauty within you
  • Best Ways to ELIMINATE Emotional Eating Forever
  • Get TIPS on how you can be your BEST Doctor!

Dayo Samuel | Founder, Nigeria Podcast Network

In this audio program, you will discover:

  • How fear is one of the disempowering information you have come to believe and accept, and now it conditions you.
  • How most people have become products of status quo, hiding behind their personal limiting frames which of course they built around themselves.
  • What and how you became fearful of stepping out and being the voice of influence and change in your world.
  • The top 5 mental shifts you need to make the most of your potential, and what to do to about them.

Jane Oma | My Ruby Heels

  1. Inspiration brought to you with light and love.
  2. Gentle reminders of the things that will help you focus well in life.

Ruth Zubairu | Bloggging Consultant & Founder of VIP BlogWriters Hub

Free email course on how to boost your self confidence

Download our exclusive guide and learn how to make money writing online.  It also includes 30 sites that pay you to write for them! 

Caroline Wabara | Digital Marketing Consultant

I have created a free Digital Marketing Automation e-course that shows you 5 actionable hacks that helped quintuple my online sales in 2015 with step-by-step scripts, case studies and screenshots of success made.

Stephanie Obi | A leading expert in the area of Online Courses.

Ayo Akinwonmi | Founder, ArrowsNarchers

I am offering 6 clarity calls to Parents of children 2-11 who know that they need to do something positively differently with the way they parent their children in 2017.

  • Do you know that you can do better with parenting your little one?
  • Have you discovered something unique about your child that needs drawing out but you cannot figure out why?
  • Do you need clarity on setting boundaries at home for your children?
  • Do you need to help you child set SMART goals for the coming year to help them achieve success in areas of their lives that REALLY matter maybe exams, new school etc.

Please leave me a message on my Facebook page. I’ll make the calls on a first come first serve basis. Or send me an email-

Melanie Whittaker | helps women to break free from a boring rut and go create a life that sets them on fire.

The Fun Revolution Planner is designed to help you go from feeling like life is stuck in a rut to creating breathing space and fun in your life every single day. Most people think fun is just for the weekends but this Planner will help you change the way you view the working week and have fun even on a Monday morning

Chris Harold | Online Marketing Consultant/Business Growth Coach

This awesome 4-part video series explains what the gurus are doing but won't tell you...

  1. How To Create Authority Online - Even if you are not an authority figure
  2. How To Attract Quality Customers Quickly Without Ever Prospecting Again
  3. #1 Trick To Separate Yourself From The Masses... Right Now!
        And So Much More...

Oladoyin Taiwo| Business & Brand Strategist, Founder, Profit With Doyin

Confused about branding your business? This guide will walk you through how to get started with your brand strategy in 2017. You'll learn:

  • What exactly is branding and why it's so important
  • Branding challenges for solopreneurs to keep in mind
  • Difference between branding yourself personally or branding the business
  • How to build your brand and make it stand out from the crowd
  • Successfully presenting your brand in all your marketing materials
  • Increasing the reach of your brand to grow your business
  • If you don't have a branding strategy then your business is get started now!

Clara Rufai | Personal Brilliance & Shine Factor Strategist

"Prison     Break has     inspired     me     beyond  anything   I   could   ever   imagine.  Clara has  provoked   me   to   dream   big,   capture   my creativity,  and  find  my  "shine  zone" in  my  world.    As   someone   who   has   had   many "shine"  moments, the  book has  motivated and
encouraged  me  to  salute  my  successes. 

It  has  made    me    realize    there    are    always   new opportunities  on  the  horizon  that  allow  me  to supersize  and  share  my  skills  and  talents." 

- Sherry L. Granader

My SHINE FACTOR Assessment will get you started on the journey to identifying your SHINE FACTOR
so that you can better understand who you are, what you are created to do, and the specific way in which you can add value to the world. 

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