Celebrity With Two Heads?

Do you remember those primary school days?

The term has just ended and your report books containing your class performance is being distributed.

If your result is poor, the fear of what your parents will say grips you.

You shiver in fear as you walk back home, because last term, you took the 25th position in a class of 40 pupils. You parents didn’t like it and this term it got worse – 30th position.

Then you get home and on seeing it, your parents become angry. Your dad then voices that painful question – Onye a hu gbara first o puru isi ole? (How many heads does the first position student have?)

They don’t care about your average score; how you actually performed in each of the subjects. The position is what matters.

Obviously, God gave each of us just a head.

So there is nothing so fantastic about celebrities – Oh sorry, that’s a lie. There is!

It’s that thing that separates them from others.

Linda Ikeji started struggling from age 17 to support her family. She almost slept with a man in a hotel because of hardship. She practically begged for money many times.


Then came a breaking point…”I remember saying to myself while I was trekking with tears in my eyes, that one day I’m going to make something of myself…every money I make in this world would be my own hard earned money…I don’t care how bad it gets, no man is ever going to take away my self respect…that’ s all I have!” She said.

[bctt tweet=”It takes a decision and then consistent action to effect change.”]

Until you get angry at your level; at how much you are underutilizing your time and resources and begin to take some drastic actions, don’t expect any better.

Today, she is a celebrity model and blogger. Everybody now wants to be like her or blog like her. She has become a reference point not just for successful blogging but personal development and leadership.

So what makes her fantastic?

Obviously, there is no such thing as celebrity with two heads. She just took a decision and put her heart to it.

She created her blog, believed in what she wanted to create from it and it happened for her.

Your success is dependent on the quality of decisions you take today and how much effort you’re willing to put to make it happen.

This is 2016… January is winding up. What drastic decision will you take now to immediately transform your life and career?

Think about that!

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