CASE STUDY: How I Generated Over N500k Selling An Online Course

SElling an online course

Creating and selling online courses can be a lot of pain, especially if you don’t have a proven system.

The system I want to share with you is one of the models I used to generate over N500k in 3 months by selling an online course.

And it can be done FASTER than 3 months.

It involves converting your knowledge or expertise into tangible solutions in form of information products, online courses or services.

Imagine generating over N500, 000 per month from just one of your online courses.

One good product you sell has the potentials to generate that amount with a very good marketing funnel.

Who Is This For?

This is for anyone in the business of selling their knowledge or expertise

But maybe you’re yet to launch online fully.

Let’s get started:

  1. Pay Attention To Problems You Can Solve

Now that might sound like a cliché, yet so many people don’t know how to do it right. Here is what I did.

I am very good at online marketing and building marketing funnels. When I’m having conversations with people, my solutions antenna is looking out for signals.

These are solutions you can provide with your best skills and knowledge.

I had a client in my Passion-Business school who is  into network marketing but was having a hard time recruiting people. Her team wasn’t recruiting enough people or generating enough sales.

There was a problem I could help solve with online marketing. So I proposed a solution. This is the next step

  1. Create And Offer A Lead Magnet

I offered them a free training. “Why not invite all your team members in town for a training and I’ll train them on how to utilize social media to generate more sales and recruit more people.”

Now tell me who doesn’t like a free offer.

That’s what a lead magnet is. Something you give away for free or at a much discounted price in order to give your prospect a sweet taste and convert them to premium clients.

Here is the training picture

Your lead magnet could be a free consultation, 60 minutes presentation, webinar, eBook, free 7 day trial etc.

An easy way to pick a great lead magnet is to offer an aspect of your main product for free. This is called product splintering. I took the social media marketing aspect of my Online Business VIP course and offered it for free.

My team designed an eflier and I wrote a brief promotional copy they could use to invite their consultants.

But you can’t just offer your lead magnet to anybody. It has to be for people who meet what i call “Your Ideal Client profile”

The kind of company, NGO or individual that you love working with and who can afford your premium offers. Look back to the previous clients you enjoyed working with and you’ll get a clue on what your IDP looks like.

What did you love about them?

How did you feel with your work with them?

  1. Make A Premium Offer

After the training, I offered them a paid 5 weeks coaching program, where I hold them by the hand and show them how to implement the social media strategies and many more online marketing strategies I had talked about on the free training.

The course price will be N15, 000 and I gave discounts to team mates of top consultants who could pull in up to 5 people. They did the remaining work of enrolling more consultants to the course.

Research has proven that the chances of someone buying your product increases once they’ve gained some value from you at no money cost to them.

The course is based on Whatsapp. I teach them a module with an unlisted YouTube video, give them assignment, worksheets and answer questions.

All these from the comfort of my home.

In less than 3 months, I had generated over N350, 000 from the course, training 27 consultants in total.

This Is Where It Gets Interesting

The other N150, 000 was from doing Done-For-You services for the students like helping them build marketing funnels.

A Done-For-You service is service that you render which requires you to do the work for them instead of only teaching.

It’s a form of consulting that opens up many other avenues for earning more income.

Imagine you run a sales training for corporate organization which they pay for; then they ask for your help to implement the strategies you shared in the training – That’s consulting.

When you’re designing a website or doing graphics, or editing a book, those are Done-For-You services.

But you have to build this into your product chain; otherwise you’ll just be leaving money on the table for a smarter guy.

This Or Better Can Happen To You

You can replicate this with a church, school or even corporate organization.

It’s all in your marketing funnel.


By now, you should be geared up to launch your own online business that pays you up to N500, 000 from selling an online course.

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Yes you read that right.

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