The Internet Driven Business Model

I’ve been seeing a lot of people on (Most popular online forum in Nigeria) and various other forums posting about ’20 ways to make money online’, ‘100 ways to make money from your blog’ and all that.

I can bet you that most of them do not even smell any income online. Please in order to make money online or from the internet, you don’t need to know 20 ways to do it, you just need one system that works and you then take the right steps to build your income in that one system.

Take Seun Osewa, owner of for example, if he had started with the 20 ways crap, he surely wouldn’t have built up to the level it is now.

The actual wisdom there is that you don’t fix your eyes on making money and forget that you actually have to attract it with something. So here are the specific steps you need to take when it comes to building a high income internet business that is GUARANTEED TO ATTRACT YOUR INTERNET WEALTH.

1. Discover Your Expert Zone
Find out an area of life you are passionate about. Something you love talking or reading about or doing. Do you love designing, talking, drawing, leadership, gisting, counselling or coaching, dogs, wellness etc?

Whatever it is that floats your boat, you can start with it. Kick-start what I call a high speed learning process to acquire as much practical knowledge about your interest as possible – what are the problem people are facing? Why do they have these problems?

What specific solution methods have been used? What can I improve and deliver? Which expert can I learn from? In fact, I will suggest you find an expert in your niche or field, contact him or her and get some coaching.

2. Create A Service Or Product Around it
The guys who love website designing are offering their web designing services. Those who love writing are writing books and selling online. You must have something you are offering in exchange for money.

Those who love baking are designing it and selling it even through Facebook. You can create information products or even sell affiliate products. Information products are the easiest form of products to create especially with the array of internet tools and resources available now.

Let’s say during you research, you discovered that most writers are not successful in selling their books and therefore do not make enough income from it. You could find someone online who is an expert at book selling and promotion, interview him for an hour on practical strategies writers can deploy to effectively promote their books. Then you produce the interview in audio, DVD or even eBook format and begin selling it.

 3. Build A Platform
Every producer has a shop/store; Where is yours? Where can people who need what you offer find you online?

In the simplest terms, a platform is permission and about being generous with your knowledge and expertise.

It’s the right to speak to a group about a certain topic dosierung cialis. And there’s nothing necessarily wrong with wanting that.
It is a “stage” that gives you and your message leverage and visibility. It is how you make your work matter, how you change lives.

Do you have a website/blog? Can they find you on Blackberry Messenger or Whatsapp? Do you own a podcast show? Decide the one place that people can easily find you and stop going about from one Forum to the other. It amazed me when I learned about Facebook Groups and the fact that a Nigerian, Coach Mute Efe has been running a paid Facebook group called School of Personal Leadership. That’s a platform.

4. Attract Your Tribe  

Your tribe are those people who love you and what you do or should I say those people who need what you have. You need to develop strategies to attract those particular people you want to your platform and make them permanent customer.

There are thousands of ways to do this. Your main aim here is to collect the contact details of these people and build relationship with them. Have you ever wandered why Jumia requires you to register before making an order?

They don’t want you to buy and go. They want to be able to mail you more offers and new products so you can buy more and make them richer. That’s what you should be doing – always get them to a list, your platform. A few strategies to attract your tribe include Pay-Per-Click advertising, Forum marketing, bulk SMS, banner or text adverts, etc.

5. Sell more stuff to them
When you have gotten your tribe, you then sell more stuff to them over and over. Let’s say you have been able to pull 1000 people into your newsletter or Facebook group or BBM etc., you have the privilege of sharing more products and services with them that could improve their life and business. You make more money and they are happy.

Building an internet business of high income will depend largely on how much rapport and trust you have gained with your tribe.

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