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  1. Highly skilled in an area but know so little on how to build systems and structures that sustain your business and give you more freedom.
  2. Own a blog or community but struggling to create engaging content, attract steady traffic and converting leads.
  3. Possess some online marketing know-how but still cannot deploy it to build a profit generating business around your passion or expertise.
  4. Have been struggling for months to position yourself among the top 5% in your industry.
  5. You’re tired of working for long hours with little to show for it and BADLY NEED a coach or mentor you can cry to and have him hold you by the hand to high impact and high profit.
  6. You feel you’ve been procrastinating and indulging a lot and need a coach to hold you accountable and whip you to success in 90 Days.

Join The Smart Career School And Get Specialized Coaching To Create More Income And Impact From Your Passion

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The Passion To High Profit Business Masterclass

The Passion To High Profit Business Masterclass is a premium One-Day (6-hours) training for entrepreneurs who want to commercialize their expertise or knowledge and become highly paid for doing what they love.

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Richard is available as guest or keynote speaker for live stage events, teleclasses, webinars and other virtual learning events. His favourite topics include:

  1. Building A High Profit, High Impact Passion-Business
  2. Building An Identifiable And Compelling Brand
  3. Launch Your Business Online
  4. The Client Attraction Formula

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