Be A One Customer Entrepreneur

one customer

You are still new in the business and it’s your first launch.

You’ve put effort, kept vigil, skipped meals just to create an irresistible product – at least you believe it is.

Oh now the time has come to put to play all the marketing strategies you’ve learned…The sales strategy, the sales letter writing tips and all that.

So after doing all the marketing you thought would have people flooding for your product, it never happened.

At best, only one person subscribed.

I have learned that most times we entrepreneurs expect too much and forget to serve and nurture what we’ve got. I have been guilty of this too.

When i hosted my first seminar, I had expected that at least 50 people will pay the N1000 fee to attend. About 2 weeks to the event, no one had signed up.

To think that i had printed and distributed 1000 flyers, plus the Facebook ads. Just because i wanted a huge attendance, i removed the fee and made it free.

In the end. Only 7 people showed up, 3 from my church, and 3 others. I was depressed. I did one thing that was against my values – waiting for late comers and allowing my depression take over me.

I still did the seminar but I think the attendees noticed my depressed mood.

I look back now and think, if only i had valued that one or two early folks by starting exactly at 10am and putting up a pleasant look.

Now, no more waiting for late comers, because like we say in my church, they might decide not to come.

[bctt tweet=”So as an entrepreneur, expect so much (i could call this faith), but plan for one customer.”]

Now i don’t mean you shouldn’t make provision for more subscribers or clients, i just mean you should see whatever amount of subscription as just one subscription and you have to give your best.

It reminds me of that Sterling Bank TV advert.

The adverts communicates that even though they have and expect millions of customers, they see them all as one. They try to give their best to that ‘one’ customer.

This way the customer feels valued.

What if you put all that effort and just one person signed up? Give it all to him, after all, you prepared for just him.

As Pete Blackshaw Says it, satisfied customers tell three friends, angry friends tell 3000 thousand. So imagine if you have 2 unsatisfied customers.

What say you?