9 Steps To Create And Sell Your First Information Product

An information product is a product that teaches you how to do something.

As the creator, you are basically packaging your knowledge on a subject as a product and selling in either of these three forms
eBook, Audio or Video

For example – In 2009, i discovered the export business market in Nigeria and the desire a lot of people had to start their own export business. So i put together an eBook that would teach people the step-by-step method of starting their own export business up to the point of exporting their first product.

I sold over 20 copies of the eBook for prices between N2500 and N3500.

You can build your own business empire based on selling information products.

Look around you and you’ll find lots of problems and needs that you can solve by quickly creating an information product – An audio on How to lose 10 pounds in a month, a video tutorial on how to self-publish your first book, an eBook on overcoming heartbreak, i can go on.

But if you’re just starting out, here are steps

1. Find A Hungry Market
Now i don’t mean any kind of market, but a market that falls into your expert zone (your passion). There are things you are passionate about, and believe me, there are people out there who share the same passion. Are there skills, ideas or strategies you can teach that’d benefit those that share your passion?

2. Choose A Hot Specific Topic

The more specific you are with your product, the less competition you have and the more attention you get from your target buyers.

Here are examples
Broad – How To Make Money On Social Media
Specific- How To Make Money With Facebook Groups
Broad – How To Start A Fashion Business,
Specific- How To Start A Men’s Fashion Business

I love Nike Adedokun‘s title for her new book – How I Got The Ring

3. Prepare Your Content

Here you are getting set to create the info-product. What topics will you cover? What relevant steps, resources and strategies will you cover? Try to make your product as concise and direct as possible. Go straight to the point.

4. Choose Your Format

Would it be an eBook, audio program or video. I’d recommend you do a video. You can always convert it to audio or transcribe to an eBook from video.

5. Create The Product

Here you are basically writing, or recording the content as the case may be. You might even decide to collaborate with someone or do an interview.

You only need Microsoft Word to type and then convert to eBook format (PDF) With PDFOnline

To record audio – Use Audacity . It’s free
For video, you can use your Smartphone for starters or do a screen cast. With a screen cast, you are basically capturing activity on your PC screen and voice. Download Camstudio for Screen casts here

6. Host The Finished Work

So where do you upload/host the material so that you can get the share link and easily send to buyer?
There Dropbox or Google Drive

7. Choose Payment & Delivery Method
You can do offline payment, where the buy pays into your bank account and send their payment details (Namee, deposit slip number and email address) to you and then you send to him the info-product via email. Or you can set up online payment option with PayStack. Once they pay online, they are automagically redirected to download page or It downloads automatically.

8. Set Up A Sales Page

If you are just starting, and depending on your level of seriousness. You might want to set up a sales page for this product. The page should contain:
1. Headline
2. A little about you
3. Core benefits / Takeaways from the product
4. Call To Action (e.g. Click here to buy)
5. Some proof of your expertise (Client testimonials, media mentions or endorsements etc.)

I’m assuming you don’t have a blog, so you can create a free blog at www.blogger.com

9. Promote Promote Promote

This is where the money is made. Nobody knows you have a great product until your promote it.

If you already have a mailing list, then that is where you should start. But i’m assuming you don’t. So i’ll make two recommendations.

First, Post it a couple of times on your Facebook timeline. And always state at least two benefits in the post to give people a reason to click.

Secondly, make a list of 10 people, contact them directly and ask them to promote it on their Facebook timelines. They should be people who command following online.

So that’s about it, I think I captured every of the basics. If you got any questions, hit the comment box.